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May 29, 2011

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Saturday July 30, 2011
Wisconsin Timber Ratlers VS Burlington Bees
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A katandmick photo
                    imee Richey has accepted a new job in sales. Hill Rom manufactures medical equipment and is a popular supplier among hospitals and nursing homes for their products not the least of which are hospital beds. Richey 37, has made the career change in hopes of doing something different and challenging as well as helping out the old pocket book, although no specific amount was given Richey's mother Joanne Lade said the new sales lady is in for a raise in pay.

Hill Rom is located in Batesville IN. which is about 20 miles west of Cincinnati and 60 miles east of Indianapolis. The quiet town of Batesville is the home of the bed manufacturers headquarters and appears to be the major employer in the city of 6,000. The only other industry in the community of any significance is the Batesville Casket Company.
Aimee Richey poses for a promotional photo featuring a new device Hill Rom is marketing to allow people with broken arms to smoke in their hospital bed.
Aimee Richey showing a line of Hill Rom hospital beds.
Richey will start work soon at the company although no date is available at this time. Richey's daughter Anya will be coming to Green Bay the week of June 22 and will stay the remainder of the week. Anya's father Chris an Indiana State Trooper will escort his daughter
to the state line in his squad car where a Illinois State trooper will hand her off to a Wisconsin trooper who will eventually make his way to the Lade home. The whole process is expected to take a whole day, however the upside is that none of the Lade's or Richey's personal funds will be used to get the child to grandma, it's all tax money.

Richey has made it a condition of her employment that she attend the Turkey Bowl and has made sure she will have vacation time available for Thanksgiving. Richey and her trooper Chris will bring Anya to Green Bay for the annual football game but are at a loss yet to name a caregiver for the chickens being raised by Chris back in Indiana. Joanne Lade fears that Anya will become attached to the chickens giving them names and following them around as they peck at the gravel in the yard thus making it difficult for the child to witness the blood letting on the day of butchering, not to mention having her go around with a bucket picking up the heads.
Tim Lade will drive the Salvation Army bus again this summer as he has done 3 years prior to this. A question came up several weeks ago if Lade would do the summer job again when he was told by the person in charge of hiring at SA that he would be required to provide other services such as counselor to the participants in the bussing program. Lade who was not too keen at the time about the added duties mentioned that he may have to find another summer job while his colleague Elvin, another Lamer's employee seemed to welcome the added responsibility. This has all changed since that initial meeting however. It seems a new person is in charge of hiring and that person has gone back to the old method whereby the driver is not involved in the anything else. Lade's partner Elvin however has accepted another position at SA as community services director and still hopes to drive bus as well.
Lade hopes to begin his duties with the Salvation Army as soon as school it out. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Time Lade in his bus
A katandmick photo