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November 27, 2011
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Kardashian 72 days
Turkey Bowl XII plagued by injuries to the Blue Jell-O's but they are able to keep one score away from a tie.
A katandmick photo
                     his year by far is the worst year for injuries spectators have seen during the game in it's entire history.

Since the inception of the Turkey Bowl some  twelve years ago on a snowy wintry Thanksgiving Day the two teams have fought hard for the trophy known as The Mary Poquette Award. This years game was no exception with the Blue Jell-O's losing two of their teammates to injuries. Early in the second quarter Willy Cornelius succumbed to a rib
injury which was debilitating enough where by trainers had removed him from the game. Cornelius, team captain and considered the Jell-O's favored running back never returned to the game and could only watch from the sideline. It was thought that Cornelius had fallen on the ball, a classic move to cause injuries.
Willy Cornelius
The next blue player to go down was Bob VanLanen who had gotten his leg bent the wrong way or
stepped on. VanLanen writhed in pain on the field for several minutes before being helped  to his feet by teammates where he took a few steps and eventually was able to walk and play to finish the game. The injury did not stop VanLanen from being aggressive through out the rest of the game and he caught several passes near the end zone.
Bob VanLanen
In the final quarter of the game the Blue Jell-O's lost another key player in the game as Justin Sobieck
was forced from the field during play and went down hard on the sideline. Sobieck who is known to be injury prone was expected to leave the game much earlier to injury as in the past but was able to hang on to the final quarter. Sobieck complained of leg pain as he limped off the field.
Justin Sobieck
The Red Gobblers win the Mary Poquette Award two years in a row
The Blue Jell-O's had another unreported injury during TB XII, MVP Danielle VanLanen chimed in with yet another leg injury long after the game ended. VanLanen in her fifth year of play was considered to be the Blue Jell-O's MVP due to her excellent receiver skills in or near the goal line.
VanLanen who had played for the Blue Jell-O's for several years had been offered higher salaries to switch to the Red Gobblers but declined citing her alliance to the team and the privilege to play with her dad.
Danielle "Dani" VanLanen TB XII MVP
At one point Kelly Wenzel had left the game to even the sides but near the end of the game the Blue's had picked up an additional player Joel Smits to keep the team respectable.

Even with the four hurt Jell-O's the team was able to stay in tact enough to score in the final minutes of the game bringing the score to within one touchdown. Joel Smits who came into the game near the end apparently was enough of a force to tip the Jell-O's game plan to the positive side but it was too late in the game for the Jell-O's to catch up.

The annual Christmas Eve celebration will be held at the KAMR headquarters as it has been in the past for so many years. As usual the party will host the unveiling of the Turkey Bowl DVD and it will be running on several televisions throughout the household. The party is expected to begin in early evening and last to whenever. Details about the gift exchange and times are to follow.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.