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October 9, 2011
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A freak accident with a visitors dog injured the Kat causing her to ban all dogs from Fat Club. 
A katandmick photo
Kat says she thinks her second toe is broke because it is now swollen, black and blue, crooked and hurts her immensely.
                       s you know most times dogs and Kats don't get along and have much trouble co-existing in the same universe. Saturday, visitors to the KAMR headquarters attending "The Fat Club" meeting saw first hand what can happen between the two species.

Saturday's fat club meeting at the KAMR headquarters was just what everyone would have expected and was going along quite normal until
Joanne Lade showed up with her dog Kiki. Kiki and Kat have a history already when at another Fat Club meeting Kat's hospitality was misinterpreted by the flea magnet as an invitation to jump into her lap. The Kat furious at the dogs aggressiveness grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and was headed for the door when Lade
snatched the animal away from the Kat and took it to the safety of her vehicle where the dog and it's owner made a quick exit from the meeting. An eerie hush fell over the usually boisterous Fat Club members who witnessed the altercation. Members said nothing when the Kat returned but weeks later commented how uncomfortable they were at the time over the incident.

Yesterday's incident was again not helping to lesson the resentment between dogs and Kats. It seems that Lade had figured that a reasonable time had passed and she could take again bring the dog into the house without repercussion. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Lade leashed the dog to a piece of furniture again near where the Kat was sitting but not close enough to where the animal could actually get near her. When the Kat got up to get something from the kitchen the dog ran in front of her extending the leash in front of Kat's feet thus allowing her to get tangled up in the leash and nearly falling. The balancing act did not cause the Kat to fall but she did somehow smash her foot into something injuring her second toe. Kat thinks the toe is broken and has visible black and blue bruising on the surface.
Joanne Lade
While the Kat remained reserved at the time the pain in her toe increased with time as did her anger.
A second dog arrived later when Shelly Sobieck attended the meeting. A small pointed eared black and white dog with an annoying bark added more confusion to the chaotic situation helping to make the decision that the Kat made even easier than expected.

Reliving and muttering about the incident over and over while reiterating how much pain she has
in her toe, the Kat finally arrived at a decision. There will now be no dogs allowed within the confines of the KAMR headquarters. The Kat: "NO DOGS WILL EVER BE ALLOWED IN THIS HOUSE AGAIN!"

Saturday Jean Poquette-Hansen announced the pumpkin carving date as Sunday October 16th, one week from today. Once again it's bring your own pumpkins to her plush Greenleaf home at 12 noon and a lunch will be served.

Poquette-Hansen also announced that her wedding reception will be held on the 29 th of October with details to be announced later. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
The Kat