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October 16, 2011
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A katandmick photo
                 unday's pumpkin carving went off as usual at the home of Jean Poquette-Hansen in the upscale town of Greenleaf. Poquette-Hansen who will be using this moniker for the last time today due to her impending wedding, provided much of the food and severe injury tattoo's for the party. The Kat brought her usual staples of cookies and ground bologna while other guests brought chips, dips, and snacks.

Children and mothers went immediately to the garage where the pumpkin table was set up to participate in the carving event. The men folk along with Joanne Lade and Peg VanLanen congregated in the living room munching on cheese and crackers, chili, and sloppy joes as they watched the Green Bay Packers conclude the game against the St. Louis Rams increasing their continuous win record to 6 wins and no losses.

Mothers gathered in the corner and whispered secrets about their children while the children shuffled in and out of the garage slamming the door
Emily Treml holds her pumpkin creation for reporters at the annual festival.
and upsetting Poquette-Hansen as she tried to keep up with the food demands. The height of the event was when Poquette-Hansen's hound dog took off running to the neighbors property behind the bar and all the children
followed. The dog and children made a big loop and returned safely a few minutes later.

Children were again allowed to take their pumpkins home with them as once again James Seidl relented and lifted the ban on the removal of the carved pumpkins from the property.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
I was protecting YOUR house with my "annoying" bark from all the strange people that were there!  Let me tell you ....there were some strange ones!!!  I hope you can get over your dog phobia and realize that we are the better species! 
PS.  I hope your toe feels better soon, ouch.

Sincerely, Mia   a.k.a  Moomiss

Dear Mia, as a Kat I am aware of every K-9 that invades my territory and I remember your black and white fur lined frame well from last Saturday. You should know that Kat's instinctively know how to use a litter box without being taught, however the K-9 species spends the first year of it's life being more of a carpenter dog doing "odd jobs around the house." I also never asked nor wanted any protection for MY house from your yapping trap. As for your high class breeding, you still put your collar on one strap at a time.

My toe only feels slightly better and I have not changed my mind. There will be no dogs allowed in my house again, if you ever come to my house again be sure to tell your owner to leave you in the car.

Jean Poquette-Hansen and James Seidl will be married this Friday in the Brown County Court House at 11:15 AM in Judge Hammer's court. Those wishing to attend the ceremony are welcome.

The reception that was planned for the week after the wedding is canceled due to lack of facilities available. The subsequent plan to have a hors devour's  reception at Sidekicks also on that day seems to also have diminished in nature as Poquette-Hansen's sister withdrew from the planning. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Dear Kat, This is the small pointy eared black and white dog in the aforementioned newsletter.  You don't want dogs in your Kat house? Is it just because you are afraid of us, being you are a Kat? Kat's stink like cat and you should know that dogs smell better and we are cleaner!  By the way, I am a Papillon, pure bred, high class, petite, sweet dog.