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October 23, 2011
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A katandmick photo
                riday morning near 11:25 am Jean Poquette-Hansen and James Seidl were joined in pagan matrimony at the Brown County Courthouse in Green Bay.

The event was attended by most of  Poquette-Hansen's immediate family with her son Ben being the only one of her children not attending due to work obligations. Her niece Stephonia Prevost, Ashley Hansen's family, The Kat and myself completed those attending from the brides side of

After last minute reconsideration James Seidl is caught on camera being dragged forcibly into the courtroom by a Brown County Deputy
were that hot and heavy and that they were only good friends. She went on to say that they are still friends and will remain so forever.

After dinner The Seidls made arrangements to meet up with the Sobiecks at "The Bar" on Limekiln Rd. on the east side of Green Bay. Trixie and Kevin Sobieck had not had their dinner yet due to Trixie's involvement in the wedding the next day of Cassidy Behnke a former colleague at Birch Creek assisted living. The rehearsal for that wedding was Friday night, Sobieck got to know Behnke well after discharging her from her employ at the aforementioned home for undisclosed reasons. Some say it was for giving the elderly too may breaks while they toiled on constructing trinkets for Sobieck's craft business.

Seidl was asked after everything was over if this is how imagined how his wedding would be and he nodded in approval as if he were a man of few words if you didn't know better. After thinking about it a few moments he offered that he would have liked to have had the marriage about 6 years sooner. The couple met in 2000 about a year after Poquette-Hansen's previous marriage ended in a bitter divorce.

The Bar was preparing for goat roping night which no one was prepared for and as the band was near to getting started we vacated the establishment so as not to have our ears insulted.

During the wedding dinner at The Redwood Inn we were  visited by Aimee Richey and her mother Joanne Lade. The two followed the group to The Bar where Richey announced that she was impregnated and would be delivering a new baby in May.  Richey scoffed at those who acted surprised as she pointed out that her mother leaked the news to almost everyone.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
works upstairs at the Family Violence Center.

Seidl's first marriage nearly did not materialize though when at the last minute the groom began to rationalize his decision to marry the one time Queen of Chicken Night Jean Poquette-Hansen. Like a terrified animal Seidl baulked at the door but once inside terror gave way to complacency as he familiarized himself with his surroundings and looked forward to life after marriage. The short ceremony was conducted by Judge Mark Hammer in Branch 5 of the Wisconsin Circuit Court system with little trouble. When Judge Hammer asked: "If anyone has just cause why these two should not be joined in marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace." only a few eyebrows went up and no one spoke to which Poquette-Hansen could be heard loudly breathing a sigh of relief .

After the ceremony was complete a few more photo's were snapped and those who had come from work went back to toil at their jobs while Jean and James went bar hopping by themselves. Later those attending the wedding as well as a few more met at The Redwood Inn for dinner. There we were joined by James's brother Dave who reminisced along with his sister about James's childhood.
the family. Two other unnamed friends from Poquette-Hansen's work also attended the ceremony. James's sister who coincidently works with Prevost also attended and was tagged as "Debbie downstairs" so as to avoid confusion with another Debbie at her facility who
Debbie Downstairs
although not willing to call the meetings dates as of yet did say that they liked each other a lot. When Poquette was asked about her old boyfriend, identified by her mother as Giligan, she stated that they were never really
During dinner Jean's oldest daughter Jessica disclosed that she has been seeing a new man and
Jessica Poquette