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September 4, 2011
           teve and Cheryl Purshock have already decided on what California mansion to purchase however getting a deal on a foreclosure means playing a waiting game.

Since the Florida couple decided to move to California for a better job for Cheryl they have been on the lookout for a nice mansion for the couple to live in. While they liked the Ed McMahon mansion Cheryl decided it was a bit too far from work for her liking. The one they settled for was not owned by a star but is elegant just the same. The problem with the purchase is that the mansion was foreclosed on and tons of paperwork must be filed before the transplants can lay their money down for the home.

In the mean time Cheryl is living in a hotel which the government is paying for and she is receiving a stipend to cover her food and necessities.
A katandmick photo
Clothed to fit the California life style Steve Purshock and wife Cheryl smile proudly as they show off the mansion they will eventually own.
Steve is in the process of getting their belongings to California and getting the house in Florida ready for Chrystal and Jeremy to live in. The natural children of Cheryl Purshock will be the renters of the Florida home during the duration of the Purshocks relocation to California. Purshock reports that the children are already causing disruptions in the universe after only living together for days. According to the mother of the half siblings one or the other is calling her in California to report an unfair practice by the other. Purshock: "It's like their calling to taddle on each another, and their old." Crystal Bluebannas 32 a single mother with a 7 year old boy Cade is always in control while younger
Crystal Bluebannas 
Jeremy Bluebannas 
The older of the two elderly Lades that Joanne Lade lives with went to the hospital last week because of a falling
accident in the Lades upscale Allouez home. Bud Lade 93, fell from his chair in his bedroom and broke a rib. No one heard the fall and Lade did not ask for assistance after. He was able to get himself in the chair after about 10 minutes according to his account but after getting to his
favorite spot on the couch Lade began to complain of pain by 9 AM. Joanne and Tim's sister Sue took "Papa" to the hospital where a broken rib was diagnosed. The pair then stayed with Lade until he was out of danger. Lade now in Bornamen Nursing Home is due to be a guest there for at least another week. While he is gone Joanne has spruced up the senior's room so it will be fresh and new upon his return. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Bud Lade
half brother Jeremy 26 lives in the same home and puts up with as much as he can.  According to the bank the sale of the home should be complete by the middle of November.