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September 11, 2011
Michael Poquette reportedly has moved back to Wisconsin and is living in a van down by the river.
                      ichael Poquette has moved back to Wisconsin after an absence of nearly 30 years from the badger state. Poquette, 50 has begun to feel his age and decided it was time to return to his roots and family in Wisconsin. Apparently Poquette came to this conclusion three months ago.

Poquette began his adult years normal enough working as a fry cook, marrying and having two children, but felt unsettled after a time. Things went from bad to worse and a divorce ended the marriage. Poquette quit cooking then decided to head west for a chance at a new life and career. After some hit and miss jobs he hooked up with his brother John in Las Vegas and together they formed a business alliance in resale for several years that included traveling and living the high life. Things somewhat fell apart after legal action from the state against the pair put them somewhat at odds. Each went their separate ways and have never worked together since.

Some time in mid June Poquette managed to get his van ready and drove from Oregon to Wisconsin and is living in it by the river in Oconto on property owned by his brother Stephen. News of the move was a complete surprise to family members attending a shower for Nikki Wannek the daughter of Sam Poquette. Stephonia Prevost broke the news about Poquette after visiting her dad in Oconto and seeing the van down by the river. After asking what was with the van her dad casually mentioned that his brother Michael had moved back to Wisconsin and was living in the van down by the river.

Strangely enough Poquette had never had a drivers license in Wisconsin and had to take the test and settle back fines totaling $3, 000 to get the certificate. Just the fact that he has spent that kind of money to get set up to drive in America's Dairyland likely means he is serious about staying around for a while.

In a stunning turn of events former supervisor turned shower planner Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck has thrown
Michael Poquette living in a van down by the river.
a shower for one of her former co-workers that she discharged from service at Birch Creek Assisted Living in De Pere. Sobieck, former activities director at the facility told Behnke she was through after a meeting with the facilities director. Behnke a two year veteran of the home became angry and challenged Sobieck to a mud wrestling contest.
Cassidy Behnke

Bailey Prevost is again slated to be in the Sunday ads by modeling clothes. Prevost 8 will  pose for photos this Friday and his mother Stephonia Prevost plans to take him out of
A katandmick photo
school that day to make good on the plan. The money Prevost make on the modeling appointment goes to his college fund.
Sobieck refused and the two parted ways until she heard that Behnke was planning a fall wedding this year. Having a pure and generous heart (after all she won the nicest member of the Axis of Evil contest) and wanting to make things right between the two, Sobieck rented the Hobart Town Hall and gave Behnke a shower on Saturday. Behnke was grateful for the effort and was heard to say that she has buried the hatchet and will again be friends with Sobieck even without mudwrestlihng her. After hosting the Behnke shower Sobieck attended the Wannek shower along with the other two members of the Axis of Evil Stephonia Prevost and Jean Poquette Hansen, and The Kat.
Bailey Prevost models clothes with unknown female
WGBW "The real oldies channel" is scheduled to begin regular broadcasting from their new 10 kW transmitting plant on Monday according to a tip from Jon Ellis of The new station is scheduled to sign on at 06:30 on 1590 kHz. on the AM band. The station is located on the south side of Denmark and was formerly licensed to Two Rivers Wisconsin on the same frequency. Some may remember the station by it's former call WTRW. The new station will deliver a completely full quieting signal to all of Kewaunee County and all but the most southern region of Brown County, and part of Door and Manitowoc County. At night the station's license requires them to cut back to only 50 watts which will prove difficult to hear even in De Pere and impossible north of there. The signal is nulled to the southwest to protect a station in that direction and will be impossible to hear in the direction of Appleton.

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