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September 18, 2011
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         ean Poquette-Hansen, former Queen of Chicken Night has acknowledged her desire to marry James Seidl before the end of the year however she has been unable to pick a firm date for the wedding.

With a target date some time in mid to late October Poquette-Hansen seemed to be confused about when the wedding would occur and when, or if the reception would even occur at all. Several plans have been conceived in the past by Poquette-Hansen or one of her sisters which were all adopted by Seidl as acceptable, however fault was always found in them by Poquette-Hansen in the eleventh hour. This time with a plan conceived by her to occur by the end of the year her window of opportunity is narrowing.

With Poquette-Hansen's indecisiveness leaving gaps in the structure, her sister Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck is able to use those weaknesses to her benefit and step in to take over the planning.
Originally a "Turkey Bowl" wedding was conceived for the affair with the ceremony taking place during the halftime entertainment phase of the football classic. This idea was at first unfavorable to James who commented that he had to think about that before committing to that.
After several weeks he gave the green light but by that time Poquette-Hansen had nixed the idea citing personal preferences and the inability to get a minister available on Thanksgiving Day.

Only recently has the idea come up about a fall wedding but when Poquette-Hansen waffled about having a reception mixed with a Halloween theme Sobieck baulked at the idea saying "This is James first wedding and your not doing that." Later in private Poquett-Hansen was told by other family members that she could do what ever she wanted and she didn't have to listen to Sobieck because she is not the boss of her. Poquette-Hansen paused a moment then acknowledged "she is kind of the boss of me." So the Halloween wedding idea is history according to the Queen.

If the Queen and James settle on a date, we will be the first to bring you the news.

The 10th Wet Whistle Wine Festival in Algoma WI proved to be a crowd pleaser for most who attended.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
Originally a Turkey Bowl wedding was planned for the Greenleaf couple.
on hand for this years festival were The Kat, Jean Poquette-Hansen, Clara and Brandon Pickett and this writer. While most that attended were not able to participate in the "wine stomp" Jean Poquette-Hansen was able to secure a place in the competition whereby the participants each get their own wine half barrel full of grapes and are expected to crush the grapes to a pulp. Those crushing are judged by the crowd and the one with the most noise is the winner. Although Poquette-Hansen put on a good show she did not win the competition.
Jean Poquette-Hansen stomps grapes with her bare feet
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
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A katandmick photo