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In an effort to preserve the identity of underage children the KAMR has altered this photo of an unnamed egg hunter to be unrecognizable to those who know this person
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
Female guests examine a dog brought up for inspection during the Easterday holiday
n what was supposed to be a terrible day weather wise, Easterday egg hunters enjoyed partly sunny skies and mild temperatures today at the Sobieck Easterday egg hunt. Kids were expecting to have to wear rain gear but warmer temps allowed the children to dress in typical spring fashion in order to hunt for their eggs. Fewer children turned out for the annual hunt.
With tons of food left over Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck said that she expected at least 10 to 20 people more at the annual spring Easterday Gala. The Sobieck's have hosted the party since it's inception back in 1990 when the hunt consisted of children searching for real chicken eggs dyed red to signify the blood of Jesus who died for our sins. Before that Easterday was a mainstay celebration at the Poquette household at 747 Florist Drive where Dick and Cleen Poquette live to this day.

The usual holiday spirit was about with merriment and spirits flowing. Those in attendance sat around and laughed and reminisced and made plans for the upcoming summer. One of the things brought up was the annual Wisconsin Timber Rattler Outing. Several dates were tossed around but the one most appealing to everyone was the 15th of August. It's a Saturday and most seem to have their schedules open. As usual we will be posting a sign up page when the date is set.

Last years retirement announcement for Justin Sobieck was false according to the 15 year veteran of the annual football extravaganza. Sobieck who sat out last years game because of a back operation says he's good enough to play again in this years match up of the blue and red and can't wait for the action to begin. Sobieck's brother Logan Sobieck also states he will suit up for this years game after he sat out last year because of a leg injury of which he too had to be operated on. The two watched from the sideline as their team, The Blue Jell-O's lost in the final seconds of the game.

Red Gobblers captain Alex Pickett and XPFL commissioner Brandon Pickett had little to say after hearing the two comment on the upcoming game. The Pickett brothers had always considered the Sobieck brothers a formidable threat to the Red Gobblers and realize the absence of the pair may have been the reason the reds were victorious last year. Last years game was played in the snow, another dynamic that changed the game and it's usual high scoring first half.