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The usual gathering of people under the tent at the tailgate party at the annual Katandmick-Axis of Evil Timber Rattler outing
The Kat and Mick Report and The Axis Of Evil Present
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs. The South Bend Cubs
Tailgating starts at 4 PM - Game Time 6:35 PM -- Fireworks after the game
Saturday August 15, 2015
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Deadline to order tickets: July 25
The Axis of Evil shows off their kankles as they tailgate hours before the game
A katandmick photo
The News for Sunday August 9, 2015
A katandmick photo
Register here for the Poquette Family Golf Outing Saturday August 22 at 2 PM
his years food preparation will not be hampered by lack of cooking facilities as Kevin Sobieck will be  bringing his portable gas grill along to help with the cooking. For years people had to wait considerable time to get a hot brat or hamburger as cooking on one grill dragged along, but this year two grills will be going helping speed up the cooking process.
The gang usually gets there sometime right after 4 PM when the gates open and setup begins immediately with Kevin putting up the tent and the grills set up right after. Soon someone is setting up the table and slowly one by one the women take their turns putting out the dishes of food to compliment the picnic meats cooked on the hot grills downwind. A hot dog or brat might slip from the tongs now and then and that's one for the garbage can but for the most part most of the delicious meats and sausages are cooked to perfection and served hot right from the grill. Screw salad, chips, bars, and pickled pigs feet round out the table as everyone fills themselves till bursting. Before you know it it's time to start cleaning up and head for the stadium, minutes before being handed their ticket to sit in the stadium in their favorites seats.

During the game everyone waits for the groups to come on the screen and to see the "Axis of Evil" prominently displayed for everyone to see on the scoreboard. After the game fireworks light up the sky for about a 15 minute show for all to see, even people on I41 revel at the display.

With only three groups registered to participate in this years PFGO the clock continues to click off the days left to register for the event. One group "The Train Wrecks" claims to have a full ticket of  4 people but only the team's captain, Stephonia Prevost has registered her name for the team. likely will have 4 people provided the Pickett offspring consent to play, so far only Alex Pickett is known to be playing as he is the one organizing the event. It is likely that Joanne Poquette and her group will not show up this year due to logistics and planning conflicts. Dick and Earl Poquette along with their wives usually participate but have remained no committal to date. Along with regulars failing to return no one new has registered for the event either leaving one to wonder if interest in the event is waning. The enthusiasm seen in the early PFGO's has not been seen in recent years even though the selections of golf courses has improved throughout its inception.