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Captain Dick was one of few not drinking while piloting his vessel through the dangerous sand bars of the Mid Vallee
With the game on the line Trixie Sobieck and Brittany Rezek examine the ball before Trixie tee's off on the ninth hole
The News for Sunday August 23, 2015
A katandmick photo
hile it wasn't the worst turnout ever it  wasn't the best either. Four teams fought for the title of best team in the 5th annual PFGO (Poquette Family Golf Outing). Last years winning team, "The Rainbow Putters" only came in second this year with 3 over par, while this years winning team"The Bastards" won handily with 3 under par.
Of other significance was the "Queen" of the group I golfed with "The Milou's" Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck. Sobieck who proclaimed herself queen of our group, or maybe even the whole golf outing, or for that matter the whole golf course had a Tierra so tall we nearly had to get a golf cart with a taller roof to accommodate her crown. The Milou's came in third with about 12 over par. "The Train Wrecks" headed by Stephonia Prevost came in dead last with an unknown number over par. According to Prevost they were so far over they quit keeping score.

Golfing got started on time, maybe a few minutes late but all in all things went smooth except for Trixie and Brittany skipping the 7th hole in favor of searching for a open porta poddy as much drinking was accomplished even if the golfing wasn't.

Missing from this years match was Joanne Poquette and her friend Jenny and Jenny's friend Mike, which usually made up the team. The Katandmick moniker took a break this year while I happily joined the Milous. Usually a Cornelius or two shows up but not this year and other than Alex no other Pickett boys showed up either.

Lunch/Dinner was served after golfing at poolside or in the palatial kitchen of the Sobieck home on Florist Drive in Hobart. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and a few brats dotted the inside of the roaster at the end of the giant island centered in the Sobieck kitchen. Few swam the Olympic size pool because of the chill that came in the late afternoon and evening but many sat out by it playing games on their telephones and having a few after golf drinks. Only Judy and her kids and Cleen came out for the after party making it a small group for the traditional end of summer golf party. 
A katandmick photo