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Dave Poquette with his brother Dick in Florida while on vacation.
The News for Sunday August 30, 2015
A katandmick photo
Dave Poquette with Betsy Glover in Florida on vacation
etsy Glover has agreed to move in and live with David "Peter" Poquette unconditionally but first several conditions have to be met. Number 1, under no circumstances is any left over food to be refrigerated until the next day (they are south of the Mason Dixon Line). Number 2, when searching for seating in a restaurant it is imperative that they get the closest seat to a crying child.
The story begins months ago when Dave retired from his semi truck driving job at Letica freight lines in Clarksville Tennessee. Up until then Glover and Poquette were part time lovers only seeing each other after Poquette spent long periods in his truck traveling all over the United States (he never drove in Canada or Mexico because he never wanted to bother with all the customs laws). In March Poquette retired and Betsy who had been helping the school district because their athletic manager had quit, assumed those duties last year, but this year she told them she would not do it again and would be officially retired. She does occasionally sub for several teachers she limits it to only three teachers that she knows so it doesn't get out of hand. Since March the couple had enough time to try out living together and both seemed pleased with the results, so Glover decided to sell her home which she did not need because the pair seems compatible living together. Hundreds of gallons of gasoline will be saved as the trips between Clarksville and Hopkinsville will cease. 

Glover is slightly older than Poquette has been semi retired for over a year now but finds herself going back to work as an athletics instructor more often than she wants and as mentioned before has taken steps to reduce her man hours, with the move it will be even more unhandy to continue working in her school district. The commitment has now been made in earnest when on Saturday Glover applied for a Tennessee automobile registration now that her Kentucky registration will expire at the end of the month.

No talk of marriage has surfaced for the couple as of yet most likely due to the watchful eyes of Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck who promised her mother on her death bed that she would disrupt any further marriages Poquette may be planning after he suffered numerous failures on the marital merry go round. It is not known why Mary Poquette put her second youngest daughter in charge of David Poquette's marital status,especially since he is over ten years older than her. One must think that it is Sobieck's wise beyond belief knowledge in marriage affairs that led her mother to swear her in for that duty. Sobieck has been known many times to council other family members on their martial status.

This writer along with "The Kat" will be heading down to Tennessee soon to observe the couple in their habitat and we will report back as to the success or failure of their arrangement.
A katandmick photo