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The News for Sunday December 6, 2015
Kat rubs her forehead as she tires of listening to Stephonia drone on after she lost count of the number of cocktails she has consumed
"B-Rez" cherishes her gift at last years "Fat Club" Christmas gathering
Dozens of Fat Club members will gather for Christmas overindulging and exchanging absurd gifts
A katandmick photo
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
A katandmick photo
or generations the "Fat Club" Christmas party has been a permanent fixture on everyone's calendar when it comes to the holidays. All the members take great pride in participating in the years foremost gathering of those whom wish to forget about the intense dieting and exercising that takes place the rest of the year and at other gatherings and meetings. 
This years party is no exception with people expected to begin pouring in at the Sobieck household at about 5 PM next Saturday for cocktails. Trays of hors derives, bottles and candy line the table and island as people help themselves to the snacks and drinks before the main meal which is expected to be served at about 5:30 PM. Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck and her husband Kevin slave at the stove and in the kitchen as guests laugh and jeer at them while they prepare the dinner. The Sobieck's have grown accustomed to them over the years and are not offended by anything they say or do. Trixie is mostly concerned about her Christmas tree two rooms away in the living room and worries about those overindulging in alcoholic beverages getting too close to the tree and it's expensive ornaments worth over $20, 000. 
Sobieck takes great pride in the event and looks forward to it every year. She has consistently produced a scrumptious meal for everyone of which the main course has been in recent years a delicious beef Wellington. Although Sobieck considers the desert portion of the meal unimportant, guests bring cookies, pies and cakes, and of course no meal is worth mentioning without a cake to share after the meal has settled a bit. After dinner there is of course more crazy talk because the consumption of alcohol has not ceased during the meal, instead it's consumption increases after dinner when one's mouth is no longer cluttered with food. This is now the time that Sobieck relaxes and kick's off her slippers and takes off her apron after the meal is complete and she can now join the party. "It's the best time of the night" she says after spending time with other members of the elite club. 
Once the after dinner conversation slows down everyone looks forward to the main event with anticipation with what gift they will receive in the "white elephant" gift exchange. For those of you unaccustomed with the tradition I will explain. Everyone is obliged to seek out an item in their home or in their possession that is very near being discarded to the curb even though it may be perfectly good or new, but in the eyes of it's owner remains despicable. Upon choosing the most despicable item it is then wrapped and transported to the party. At the party there is a process of passing the packages around in a circle whether it be to music that stops abruptly or by a reading at which the package advances one place at a time every time a key word is spoken, similarly other key words cause the packages to reverse direction and travel back two spaces. Which ever method is used is insignificant but it will ensure that no one received their own gift. One by one the gifts are opened to the spectators delight who scoff and make fun of the receiver of the gift. Some members like their gift and as the old saying goes "one mans junk is another mans treasure" other recipients of the gifts leave them behind to become the next days fuel for the burning barrel. After the gift exchange everyone celebrates with another drink or two or three. Shortly after that members begin staggering out preparing to face the next day. A few hanger on-ers stick it out later in the evening either leaving late or staying the night and departing in the morning, making another FC Christmas party history.