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Rick and Stephonia Prevost plan to move into their new mansion in Ledgeview by Valentines Day
Prevost talks it up about her new house
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo

tophania Prevost could only stay at "The Fat Club" meeting long enough to give the news of their new house and to pay for her "Symphony on the Rocks" tickets on Saturday before she scurried out to work on the couples new home in east De Pere. So far the home is nearing completion and is scheduled to be moved into by Valentines Day. The couple is looking forward to the move.
The process began some 7 months ago when the Prevosts sold their mansion on the Royal Scot Golf Course in the town of Scot. Since that time the family has been living at the home of Kevin and Trixie Sobieck in the Village of Hobart. Each day is a new challenge at the residence as the Sobieck's acquired two thirds of their offspring returning to the nest at the same time. Justin and Logan Sobieck began staying at the Sobieck's modest Hobart home immediately after the departure of Joanne Poquette who moved to Batesville, Indiana to live near her daughter and her grandchildren.

To make matters more complicated at the Sobieck's home is the fact that Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck now has been seeing spirits in the home driven there by her friend who is near death at a local nursing home. Sobieck spoke of the traumatic experience at "The Fat Club" meeting on Saturday cautioning those who were disbelievers. Sobieck who said she was indifferent towards the phenomena previous to the encounter butt now says she is a strong believer in the supernatural and fears the unknown connected with it. Other people at the FC meeting did pooh pooh the story rolling their eyes and making patronizing remarks at her tale of the supernatural. This writer however, remained non committal and showed no favoritism either way.