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Final curtain call for Hilda's Yard, GBCT Feb. 12 through Feb 22, 2015

A katandmick photo
The Cast of Hilda's Yard with the director and her assistant director
unday February 22 2 PM was the final show for Hilda's Yard at the Green Bay Community Theater. The Norm Foster play attracted mostly full houses during it's 10 show run. Hilda played by Deb Oettinger a veteran of theater revealed to me after the last show that this was her first leading role. Such was also the case for this writer who played Hilda's husband Sam, although I
am not a veteran of theater like Deb the part was quite challenging for me. The rest of the cast sailed through their parts without a hitch. Daughter Janey played by Jenny Rae Langer broke her hand in an accident after the first four shows and had to perform with a cast for the last six shows. The part of Gary was made vacant 6 days before the show because of emergency surgery for that cast member and the part was taken over by improv comedian C.J. Guzan who adapted so well that no one could tell he came in late. Bonnie Sauter who played Bobbi Jakes had never done stage acting before and gave stunning performances and plans to continue and audition for future plays. Bob Pekol who played the bookie Beverly Woytowich comes from Phillips Wisconsin and acted in numerous plays in high school but this is his first appearance in Green Bay in any show.

The show received favorable reviews from local critics and also four standing ovations from audiences during it's run at GBCT. Thank you to all who came and saw the show and gave us all those warm compliments and positive comments. I cannot report on anything else because my creative skills are all tapped out for this week.
A katandmick photo