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A paltry fire barely lights the yard at the Pickett home as christmas trees are burnt piece meal
A katandmick photo
randon Pickett invited everyone to join him and his neighbors as they sacrificed their Christmas trees in the fires of winter in his yard Saturday night. Kat and I went expecting to find a gaggle of neighbors gathered around a huge pile of dried trees awaiting to explode into fire at the first sight of a match. Instead what we found was Brandon cutting up individual
trees with stray pieces of tinsel still clinging to the conifers, then placing the chunks into a portable fire pit.

The event begins with neighbors touring the neighborhood collecting trees for sacrifice then stopping a several selected homes where they can visit and commiserate while consuming alcoholic beverages. Upon completion of the collection phase the group is to meet at Brandon's house where the trees are burnt. Upon our arrival no one was home which is understandable however when Brandon and Clara came home no one else followed them. While Brandon burnt about 18" of each tree at one time the Kat and I decided to depart leaving them with a group of neighborhood kids hungry and eager to watch the Wizard Of Oz which Clara had set up in the Garage. Only one neighborhood mother seemed brave enough to come to the home while all the other neighbors seemed to be missing in action. 

While Brandon and Clara seemed like gracious hosts the party seemed less than interesting as no one showed up and the fire was not warm enough to keep any cozy.

Rosalie Poquette decided to apply at Miller Electric after a brief stint at The Larsen Co. in the summer of 1973. Poquette at the time decided to seek employment at the employer of her husband David "Peter" Poquette. David later left the employ of the prestigious welder manufacturer and then later he and Rosie divorced as he began a new career in the trucking industry. Rosie, a loyal employee stayed at the Appleton based company for the rest of her career learning many of  the hundreds of jobs the manufacturer offered. Her employment span saw the sale of the company as well as a reorganization of how the manufacturer handled the making of it's equipment. They began creating small groups like little company's manufacturing their own product, each group had to stand alone with their product whether it be success or failure. Rosie was able to adapt to this new thinking and was considered a valuable member of several teams throughout her final years after the changeover. Rosie finally decided to call it quits and retired January 9th.

Poquette plans to throw a retirement party on January 23rd at Capital Centre 725 W Capitol Drive, Appleton from 2:30 to 8:30 PM. Everyone is invited and she will be happy to see all of her family and friends at her party. Rosie plans to continue to live at her Appleton home with her friend Ron.
Rosie Poquette at an unknown location