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Kat Pickett opens her cards and looks at them during her 60th birthday party
The Kat and Mick Report and The Axis Of Evil Present
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs. The South Bend Cubs
Tailgating starts at 4 PM - Game Time 6:35 PM -- Fireworks after the game
Saturday August 15, 2015
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Alissa Vanlanen stunned by the high school project brought back to the attention of all
at never suspected a thing even after spotting James Seidl fumbling in his car on the road for something. She just thought it was a bit strange that Brandon had the Seidl's coming to his 4th of July party and even when she saw her brother Earl sitting at the table she still wasn't on to it. It was when they all started singing happy birthday that she caught on and turned to me and said "Did you do this?"
Every one that attended were close relatives that lived near by and were able to  come to the party with out too much trouble. The party was planned for Sunday afternoon because that was the only day that we for sure knew that Kat had off. Everyone at the party was treated to some picnic food of their choice which consisted of hamburgers, brats, or hot dogs. A half sheet birthday cake was almost completely gone and oodles of snacks were eaten as well. Not too much in the way of drinks were downed and those that were there stuck mostly to soft drinks, because you know most people had to go to work the next day.

The party was held at Brandon Pickett's house on 2842 North Whistling Wind Drive and the Kat was told that is was a fourth of July party. Kat never suspected a thing and was truly surprised and enjoyed the party immensely and wants to thank everyone who attended.

Most people get into a groove I guess for the Fourth of July and this year was no exception with the usual people attending the Vanlanens party. There were a few notable changes such as the appearance of Sarah Poquette and Phoenix Daniels and Alissa Vanlanen who in past years was stuck working on the Fourth of July holiday. Judy Treml stopped by with her children and Bailey Prevost for a while but the younger Treml's and Prevost left early to take a cool dip in the Sobieck's pool.

The highlight of the day was the birthday of Alissa Vanlanen which was upcoming in two days but the Vanlanen's had planned ahead and had a gift ready for Vanlanen to open. Of course it was nothing she could actually use but it did jar her memory. According to Vanlanen "I evidently made this in art class" but she had completely forgotten the piece and upon opening the box was stunned to see it and immediately closed the box again. Peg Vanlanen (mother) made her take it out of the box for a photo. While it seemed like a cleaver gift Alissa did not seem amused and regretfully took the porcelain box home with her.
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