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In 6 days these lovely's will be celebrating their birthdays, number two is my favorite
The Kat and Mick Report and The Axis Of Evil Present
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs. The South Bend Cubs
Tailgating starts at 4 PM - Game Time 6:35 PM -- Fireworks after the game
Saturday August 15, 2015
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Deadline to order tickets: July 25
The Sobiecks hosted a party for their wedding anniversary, but this party will take place in their newly renovated back yard
A katandmick photo
aturday July 18th the Sobieck home will be transformed into party land with as many as 80 guests scheduled to attend. The party most of which will be happening on the Sobiecks backyard terrace will feature spanferkel along with someone playing guitar and singing. As the evening wears on guests will be invited to partake in karaoke, along with other recorded music mixed in to fill in the gaps.
The party at 335 Florist Drive will be the Sobieick's modest home, and is in one of Hobart's more common, sparsely populated neighborhoods. The back yard has been transformed into more of a recreation area of sorts, sporting a large swimming pool and patio area complete with a fireplace finished just in time for this party. Kevin Sobieck a construction supervisor by trade built the playground by himself with no help from his wife and children and feels he has now completed the area after the completion of the fireplace on one of the terraces. Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck is managing the party with little bits of help here and there. Trixie acts on impulse rather than research, therefore most of the entertainment and activities are things that lended themselves to the occasion rather than the result of weeks of planning. Guests are invited to take a cool dip in the pool or just sit around and swill beer flowing freely from a tap in the corner of the deck by the pool. The party will get underway at 3:30 PM, backed up from 2 PM the original starting time but Trixie seeing what happened at the Chesney concert when people started drinking too early shortened the time guests were allowed to drink so as to curb the roudyness.

The five being honored at the party are Kaityln Treml who is 20, Jeremy Rezek 30, Stephonia Prevost who is 40, Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck now at 50, and The Kat who celebrated her birthday last week at 60. Not all those being honored are celebrating their birthdays in July, in fact some such as Trixie celebrated her birthday in February almost as far around the calendar as you can get. Three of those being honored are XPFL cheerleaders, one a former official for the league and the fifth has been a score board operator for the Turkey Bowl. Temperatures are expected to be in the 80 degree range.

There is no ending time for the party which is expected to go to the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. Stephonia Prevost will be returning Monday from a few days at the Hodag. She is expected to be recuperated enough by the weekend for the party.