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Ashley Hansen sporting a big belly  is impregnated again
A katandmick photo
shley Hansen is impregnated again according to a press release from her mother Jean Poquette-Seidl. Poquette-Seidl acting as her publicist said in a hastily conducted phone conference on Wednesday that her youngest daughter had indeed been impregnated again by the same father as the rest of the children Mike Van Den Heuval.
Poquette-Seidl went on to say that the new baby is a boy, something she seemed to be proudest of. While Hansen has generated all girls in the past a boy is a new experience to look forward to for the couple. Van Den Heuval a belt splicer by trade at Dennis Bachall Rubber Company and a band member of Black Hole Conspiracy at night had little to say about the new expected baby reserving comment for a later date. While performing in the music arts is his passion, gigs and engagements are hard to come by with the new band he participates in.

It was thought at the birth of the last baby Felisha, that Hansen would be out of the human reproduction business at least for a while due to some female issues that popped up during the last pregnancy, but after a few doctors visits everything is good again. It is not known what the limits are in mind for Hansen as far as numbers go. She may perhaps be setting her sights on having a large family, perhaps on the same order as her grandma Mary did. But if she wants to catch up to Mary she will have to step up the process with 12 more pregnancies to go she will have to do more than one in a one year period to catch up. By doing the match Hansen at 35 years old will only be fertile for another 8 or 9 years if she's lucky. She may regret taking that long break between Jordan and Corrine.

As for now no due date has been announced but we suspect an October birth. Poquette-Seidl says that she will not postpone her pumpkin carving party regardless of the condition of the aforementioned Hansen.