The News for Sunday June 21, 2015
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Harold Ambrosius found dead after fire in his house
Fire ruled "Suspicious" by authorities
The Kat and Mick Report and The Axis Of Evil Present
The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs. The South Bend Cubs
Tailgating starts at 4 PM - Game Time 6:35 PM -- Fireworks after the game
Saturday August 15, 2015
arold Ambrosius was found dead in the rubble of his burnt out house on North Overland Road between Florist Drive and Adam Drive. Ambrosius a long time friend of the Poquette Family apparently had a woman living with him and according to witnesses she made it out of the burning structure unscathed.
What authorities don't know at this time is why the woman was living there and who she is in relation to the victim. She is now considered a person of interest in the case. There is also no official cause of the fire as investigators have not determined where it actually started. Some sources say that the fire had started in two different places leading one to believe it was of a suspicious nature. To make matters more confusing an autopsy carried out on Ambrosias' body was left cause undetermined leading authorities to wonder if he was dead before the fire.

Many Poquette Family members were at dinner at the time of the fire but were informed after the Sobieck's returning home and seeing the flames from the other side of  block. A quick check of the local news confirmed where the fire was but not the victim, however the family knew who's house it was and who could have perished in the fire. Phone lines began to vibrate with the news as other family members were notified of the fire and it's most likely victim.
Harold Ambrosius
Alex Pickett celebrating his 36th birthday hosted a party at the local De Pere bar known as T&C's Friday night and attracted modest numbers to the establishment of his employ two nights per month.  Pickett invited everyone to join him for his birthday and the bar's owner Todd even put on 20 free pitchers of beer in his honor.

Pickett entered the Air Force 1 year after his high school graduation and subsequently hung around with juveniles for years after his release from the service. Since he began working at the bar however he has been befriending many of the clientele at the bar whose patrons are mostly the age of the walking dead. The bar which serves the best fish plate in De Pere regularly populates it's bar stools with people cashing their Social Security checks for dinner. A special corral is located near the door for walkers and wheel chairs after the guests are seated at the bar on their favorite stool. Pickett doesn't seem to mind hanging with the older people as compared to the teen agers he was with commenting: "The old people tip better, it's not usual to walk out of here on a Friday night with a hundred bones."