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"B-Rez" poses with her colleagues at Aurora Hospital after completing a knee surgery as the hospitals newest part time employee
These lovely's are all planning to wear their swimming attire (see above) for the party
rittany Rezek has accepted a part time position at Aurora Hospital in Green Bay working in the physical therapy department. Her job will be to install titanium knees in people with bad knees. Rezek 38, has been seeking employment closer to her home after working in Manitowoc in a hospital there for several years.
Rezek began her career in medicine years ago at a small animal hospital near Wrightstown changing bed pans for monkeys. The management there saw talent in the young lady and soon she was performing minor surgery on the monkeys such as appendectomies and putting tubes in their ears when there was an infection. Later the management advanced her to the human side of the hospital where she was allowed to sit in on operations and perform checks on patients taking their blood pressure and listening to their hearts. Rezek soon went on to bigger and better things when the state shut down the hospital because apparently humans and animals are not allowed to share the same hospital. It's no wonder medical costs are so sky high.

Rezek went on to work at Aurora Hospital as a receptionist for two years and then was accepted at UW Milwaukee where she completed her college education. Later she took courses in physical therapy at North East Wisconsin Technical College. After graduation from NWTC she got the present job in Manitowoc. Unhappy with the commute and some of the working conditions she sought out other employment. She is hoping that this job will lead to a better position at the hospital.

With all the birthdays in the summer Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck has decided to bring all the events together at one time. She is organizing a "Decades Party" to honor all those in the family who have birthdays marking another decade in their life. Those celebrating are Kaitlyn Treml, Jeremy Rezek, Stephonia Prevost, Trixie Sobieck, and The Kat, their ages 20 through 60 respectively. All the birthday people already signaled that they will be there with the exception of Stephonia Prevost who is not sure if they will be finished with their house yet. The day chosen is July 18th with the festivities to be at the Sobieck home on Florist Drive in Hobart. Food, beer, and soft drinks are provided and all you need is to bring yourself provided you get an invite. Those invited can expect to get a notice on facebook or a personal invitation by mail to attend the gala event. So far it is thought that it will start at about 2 PM and no end time has been selected. Sobieck's pool will be available and those wanting to take a cool dip may wish to bring their swimming trunks along.