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"Kate-Land" and Emily Treml are beside themselves as plans for the Easterday egg hunt are yet unannounced
Eileen "Trixie" and Kevin Sobieck make a punch drink for the egg hunt 5 years ago.
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ith just 21 days to go until Easterday, plans for the annual egg hunt at the Sobieck Boarding House 735 Florist Drive in Hobart are yet to be announced. The usual hubbub surrounding the religious holiday concerning the annual Easterday egg hunt could not be seen as of yet. Eileen "Trixie" and Kevin Sobieck enjoyed life as empty nesters until 8
months ago when Joanne Poquette came to occupy their spare room after the sale of her spacious Allouez home. Soon after the two sons Justin and Logan came to stay in the rooms in the basement one living in a storage room. When it seemed like there was light at the end of the tunnel as Poquette announced her planned departure for Batesville Indiana, Stephonia Prevost moved in with her family for an extended stay while building a home somewhere in East De Pere. The Prevost's planned to be moved out by Valentines Day but delays in their homes construction forced them to stay at the Sobieck's far longer then the wanted. With all this going on one would not be surprised if the Sobieck's canceled their usual Easterday plans and took break for some time.

No one thought that the event would be canceled, but no answer from Trixie Sobieck after she was asked if they were still having the annual Easterday egg hunt signaled to this reporter that something was unsettling was about to come to light about the event. The ominous lack of announcement and quietness about the holiday from the Sobieck home entertain the notion that the event will be canceled. Although official word has not yet come about the celebration few are left to step in and host the annual springtime affair with such short notice. The Sobieck's who have been holding the egg hunt for the past 27 years may feel that it is time for someone else to step up and host the event, who knows, but many of the children look forward to the event and will be disappointed if the eggs are not planted.

Kate-Land and Emily Treml along with Lance Pickett who have hunted for eggs for many years commented that they will be truly saddened if they cannot participate in the annual egg hunt. The two 19 year olds along with 17 year old Emily enjoy hunting the property for the eggs as well as any other stray hardware they find in the bushes. Once the hunt is over then the children can eat candy to their hearts content, but alas, this year there may be no candy as we all await the announcement from 735 Florist Drive concerning the fate of the event.
A katandmick photo