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Dave Poquette and Betsy Glover pose for a photo inside a historic RJ Corman caboose
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James and Jean Seidl taking their honeymoon trip to Las Vegas after a 5 year wait from their wedding day
n a hastily organized phone interview this morning, Dave Poquette announced his retirement effective immediately. Poquette a 25 year veteran of Letica Corporation, made his decision over the weekend and has decided that he will end his career with the company Monday morning. Poquette, 63 says he has no immediate plans and will rest up a bit before he even thinks about it.
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Davie "Peter" Poquette began his career at Letica Corporation some 25 years ago working in the company's Las Vegas plant making plastic containers. He soon advanced to middle management where he oversaw a department and had a group of employees under him. After 5 years of working in the plant he became tired of the in plant job and opted for a more free environment with a more limitless income strategy and applied for and got a job driving delivery for the company's trucking fleet. Poquette worked many more hours and eventually got to a point where he could be home most weekends. The ridged nature of the job and increasing need for on time deliveries however caused his at home time to decrease and he recently has found himself away from home more and more. Suddenly Poquette realized that he did not have to accept the fate handed to him by his employer and made the decision to spend all of his time at home.

Poquette had spent most of December locked down in his home in Clarksville Tennessee unable to work due to a mandatory sleep study test he had undergone which deemed him unfit to drive. After driving truck for nearly twenty years, a group of pin headed chicken necked so-called professionals in the sleep study business had decided that Poquette was unsafe to drive even his own vehicle because he could fall asleep at any moment, even though he had never had any trouble of that kind before. An obvious scam supported by government and it's associated employees involved with transportation. Therefore Poquette was ordered off the road and relegated to be fitted with a sleep machine at considerable cost to his person. Records retrieved from the device also had to be submitted regularly to the company.

Poquette began his employment career at Miller Electric in Appleton where he had worked 7 years, then drove semi truck for Mayflower for 10 years and then 25 years at Letica with 20 of those years on the road.

As reported by James Seidl this day not everything went as planned during the Seidl's recent vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada or "Sin City" as it is known to some. The Seidl's planned a one week get away, but after missing their departure flight because of an unscheduled delay due to what they were told was a "medical emergency" the Seidl's were ready to call the whole thing off. But the airline promising the couple a seat in business class if the waited for the next plane caused James Seidl to reconsider and grab the seats on the next flight.

Upon arrival to the hotel the couple was treated to a room upgrade because of knowledge James possessed regarding the trick about asking for free upgrades. The room was wonderful Seidl reported but a few hours into their stay there was trouble with the toilet, it just kept running all the time. According to James the whole thing was tip harvesting scam dreamed up by the staff so they could keep coming back to fix the toilet (at least 5 times) looking for a tip every time. Seidl was also convinced the the Hotel management encouraged the behavior. Seidl finally had enough of the fake repairs and ripped the entire insides of the plumbing from the toilet tank.

After the first day they had to meet with the people selling the time share contracts. Needless to say they were exposed to high pressure sales for the entire afternoon, but they refused to yield and did not buy the time share much to the chagrin of the high pressure sales team.

Upon returning from the junket, the couple had a terrifying ride home when the plane "flew too high" according to James Seidl who said that their brand new expensive American Tourister bag tore apart due to extreme pressure changes in the cargo hold. Seidl who was pleased by the hotel but little else on the trip said that he was terrified on the way home during the plane ride and was sure the pilot was flying too high, Jean Poquette-Seidl however was flying high herself and did not complain at all about the trip.