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Conrad King and his Rock N Daddy's band will be unalbe to perform at the decades party
Regular party guests at the Sobiecks gear up for the Decades Party
A katandmick photo
fficial word came out on Monday of this week that the "Rock N Daddy's" will not be performing at the decades party. According to the band's lead guitar, lead singer and booking agent Conrad King, one of the bands key members will be out of town for the weekend of the party. The idea of  hiring the band for the party came from "The Kat" who had heard them at Pogy's birthday party.
The disappointing news of the band not coming does not mean however that there won't be music at the party. We do plan to use the Turkey Bowl sound system to flood the back yard with music coming from a selected playlist made especially for the party. There won't be a DJ per say but the automated music program will be distributed throughout the grounds as background music. Many speakers strategically placed will allow everyone to hear the program without it being loud and booming and annoying.

So far 47 people of the 125 invited will attend the party at the Sobieck's modest Hobart home at 735 Florist Drive.
The party promises to be the social event of the year celebrating 5 birthdays in one day all of whom are advancing one decade with Kate-Land Treml at 20, Jeremy Rezek at 30, Stephonia Prevost at 40, Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck at 50, and of course The Kat at 60. The hosts Trixie and Kevin Sobieck  are planning to roast a pig and there's no telling what else is in store for the party before it gets underway on July 18th. The pool will be open and there's no end time on the invitation. If you're lucky enough to get an invitation you're sure to have a good time. 

So far as we know here at the KAMR Ashley Hansen is not been impregnated again. The petite 32 year old has bore children during the summer every year for the past two years. But alas she has not become impregnated as of yet this year. Hansen surprised by her last pregnancy vowed this year to not have another child but many were betting otherwise as the young mother was thought to have a fourth child to even things out, and create a playmate for the three older children. So far this has not happened, but if anything appears in the oven we will keep you informed.
A katandmick photo