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No one thought when Alex was arming the children on the Catholic school buss with caulk guns that he acutally would be entrusted with a real machine gun some day
Tubes of food for the Richey children
A katandmick photo
lex Pickett has announced that he is celebrating his birthday at T&C's bar on Friday June 19th beginning at 6:30 PM or 1830 hours for those of you on military time. Pickett who will be turning 38 this year decided to have his party at the bar since he works there anyway. The bar has graciously thrown in 20 pitchers of beer to start the party off.
Todd and Kelly who own the bar T&C's are happy to host the party and are suggesting that everyone have their dinner at the bar as well. The establishment boasts of the finest fish plate in town and also serves chicken strips as well. Located on the west frontage road of I-41 just south of Grant Street or County EE the pub is easy to access from the highway or the city of De Pere. The atmosphere is somewhat subdued since the bar is filled with old people who don't any kind of loud music. Logan "Cougar" Sobieck says that he is going to "run those old people out of here" but he has not been able to do that as of yet. The Sobieck boys are expected to attend and there will no doubt be trash talk passed back and fourth about the upcoming Turkey Bowl. Both Sobieck boys had to sit out last years game due to restrictions from operations but this year both are expected to play according to Justin Sobieck who is already touting this years match up as a win for Blue. Alex suggests bringing a friend or two along because the party is not limited to just family.
Aimee Poquette Richey along with Anya and the youngest daughter Mara are tagging along with Joanne Poquette in her brand new Volkswagen Jetta on June 12 on their way to Wisconsin. The children will not be allowed the luxury of eating egg salad sandwiches or have ice cream cones in the back seat of the modern day Beatle but will instead will have to be satisfied with food in tubes stashed in the pre packed amenities packets provided by Poquette to all the passengers in her new vehicle. Poquette not wanting to get the vehicle dirty so soon has banned any open eating of messy food items like what was mentioned in the previous sentence.

Poquette is expected to arrive late Friday and will stay at the KAMR headquarters on County Road E in the Town of Oneida, while Poquette-Richey and her daughters will spend two nights at the Sobieck residence. The Richey's are hoping that the ice will be melted in the pool so that they can take a cool dip in the Olympic sized pool occupying the Sobieck's back yard.

Joanne is expected to kick back and take it easy here at the KAMR ranch and enjoy her couple of days off with peace and quiet and relaxation. Poquette who leads a hectic life in the insurance industry and also spends time  watching after her grandchildren after school deserves a good rest.