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The News for Sunday November 15, 2015
With no culvert in sight the field is painted and ready to go
An unidentified random grounds department worker follows the string held by Alex Pickett as he try's to spray a yard line marker
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
Turkey Bowl fans worried about the demise of the Turkey Bowl breath a sigh of relief
s fast as rumors spread about the possible repurposing of Poquette Field and the demise of the Turkey Bowl, the speed of the information correcting and explaining the situation bounced back just as fast. Cleen Poquette responded the same day with an explanation concerning the placement of the culvert plus a statement in which she pledges no harm shall ever come to Poquette Field.
The mysterious placement of the culvert was apparently a mistake made by the Oneida Tribe of Indians. Apparently the land adjacent to the Poquette homestead needed a culvert for access to the field and work being performed by the tribe was to include the installation of the culvert. Whether the workers were confused or misinformed is anybody's guess but they placed the culvert on the wrong side of the driveway. Later during the week the tribe of Indians sent representatives to bury the culvert and they discovered the mistake. While everyone was worried that something sinister was going on it turned out to be just a misunderstanding due to incompetence of construction workers, a common occurrence in Wisconsin. The culvert was moved East 800 feet and installed in the area already marked out by diggers hotline.

Everyone associated with the Turkey Bowl preparations decided not to wait too long and took advantage of the nice weather and pepped the field Saturday last. About ten people showed up to help and everyone pitched in to get the press box set up, the field painted, and speakers hung. Barring snowfall the field should be pristine on the day of the game. After the work was done everyone went in to the Sobieck's home where everyone enjoyed chicken, chili, and treats.

The new jerseys are in at the printers and are being lettered as we speak. Brandon Pickett XPFL commissioner assures us that they will be ready for the game as is the special game ball already delivered to the commissioner. The ball bears the lettering "Turkey Bowl MVP 2015".

In the meantime Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck continues to plan the meal assigning various sisters and sisters-in-law to the size of the turkey they are to cook. Sobieck commented that she may try something different this year in light of the predicted turkey shortage created by the bird flu and she may try serving pork roasts, but she would not commit to that at this point yet. 

Guests are expected to begin pouring into Green Bay this week in anticipation of the turkey day event the least of which is Dave "Peter" Poquette expected to arrive on Friday. He has graciously agreed to rule again over "The Fat Club" as exalted Ruler on Saturday this week here at the KAMR headquarters.