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The News for Sunday November 29, 2015
The Blue Jell-O's spirits broken and out of hope organize one last time for the team picture
The Oneida Red Gobblers bask in the glory of success after the 21 to 7 win over the Hobart Blue Jell-O's
Gobblers win, but a cloud of incompetence and unfairness hovers over Poquette Field
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
fter a day of playing football in the rain no one was in the mood to argue the officiating of this years match up between the Oneida Red Gobblers and the Hobart Blue Jell-O's. After everyone got their wet clothes off and warmed up with a little hot chocolate and popcorn plenty was said about the game.
While the field had been set up for two weeks prior to the game no technical or facility related glitches caused any issues during the game, but make no mistake disorganization preparing for the game caused great delays and mistakes leading up to the kickoff. This was largely due to the inflated numbers of players wishing to participate as well as the cavalier attitude of the staff prior to the game of organizing teams. Changes to the application forms will be made before next year to help with the organizing of teams and creation of rosters.

While it seemed to the spectators that the announcers and organizers of the Turkey Bowl were incompetent that seemed to carry over to the game as well somewhat. Even some Red Gobbler team members could be heard agreeing with Blue Jell-O's players after the game to say that the officials were slacking as well with few penalty flags being thrown and loosing count of the downs each team had left. Several times officials limited the blue team to 3 downs while allowing the red team to go as many as 5 downs, speculation as to the cause ranged from blurred vision or favoritism to Alzheimer's disease.
While disorganization and incompetence was abundant outside, inside the meal and it's preparations were successful as usual. The tireless efforts of Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck guaranteed that everyone would have exactly what they wanted on their plate leaving everyone thankful for attending the afternoons dinner. Sobieck along with her husband Kevin served dinner in their kitchen with help from Jean Poquette-Seidl, Joanne Poquette, and Stephonia Prevost. Other family members donated  cooked turkey's, home made pies, and pumpkin rolls to round out the desert table. Not only could Sobieck's cooking not be outdone but her hospitality and general demeanor is superb as well. While she became somewhat disturbed at her sister "The Kat" she pretended to be chasing her to level a blow to her for something she said but by only a mustering a less than fast walk she allowed "The Kat" to escape with her slow gate.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
With all the hype generated about the new jerseys one would not have expected such a big flaw in the finished product. Complaints about the numbering on the old jerseys on only one side made everyone eager to welcome the new jerseys with numbers finally on both sides. But wait..........still numbers on only one side? Apparently a mistake made by the printer again resulted in jerseys with a number on only one side, a mistake that commissioner Brandon Pickett will be rectified before next year. Pickett: "I told the guy there has to be a number on each side. Why don't people listen?" The new jerseys did look nice and seem much more durable than the old tee shirts. Pickett also provided souvenir tee shirts sold for profit at the game. Money from the 50 50 raffle and tee shirt sales funded the purchase of the new jerseys. The 50 50 raffle was won by Betsy Glover $430.