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The News for Sunday October 4, 2015
The Sobiecks canceled their fall color tour after the weather turned ugly
A concrete truck spews concrete at the KAMR headquarters in the driveway
A katandmick photo
t was not the best day for touring in a convertible, according to Kevin Sobieck who instead of taking a drive up north to the north woods of Wisconsin and the Phelps area, found himself instead helping to pour concrete at the KAMR headquarters. Sobieck, a long time construction worker was pressed into service after preparing forms at the Vanlanen home.
Peg and Dan Vanlanen had needed a sidewalk at the end of their ramp leading into their living room at their modest Town of Oneida home on County Trunk U. Kevin was asked if he could accomplish such a feat by the Vanlanens and agreed, and when he found out that we were pouring concrete at the KAMR headquarters he volunteered to help in turn for some concrete to finish his job. But alas, there was no extra concrete to be had, for when the pour was complete here there was no crete in the truck. The guy doing the job at our site agreed to order more concrete than he needed for Kevin's job but, obviously the grading for the job must not have been entirely accurate and the run was more than what was expected leaving Kevin with unfilled forms at the Vanlanens. Kevin and Chad made an agreement though that his (Chad) next pour would include the cement needed to complete the pour at the Vanlanens. Chad picked up a good pointer from Kevin regarding brooming which he claims saved them about 5 hours of work.

After the job was complete everyone sat down for fried chicken and beer along with sparkling conversation in our sun room. The men discussed the pros and cons of various presidential candidates and mixed in amusing anecdotes from from their construction jobs, as well as notable accomplishments by co-workers. Everyone left with a full belly and plenty of sophisticated discussion to mull over while driving home.

Apparently for some reason yet to be known I inserted the wrong date in The Newsletter regarding the Seidl's pumpkin carving party. The correct date is October 24th, not the 10th. as previously posted in last weeks edition of The Newsletter. Omitted last week was the news of the costume contest this year at the pumpkin carving party. Children 13 and under my dress in the costume of their choice and will be judged by members of the Fat Club. It is not known what the winner of this contest will receive as of yet.

Apparently I also used the wrong name for one of Sarah Poquette's and Phoenix Daniels daughters. The name I used, "Jackie" should be Christin, as I was informed this week by the child's grandmother Cleen Poquette. I felt the mistake was minor but after receiving the correction in email I decided to mention it, what the heck this Internet ink is very cheap anyway. The couple's other daughter is Ann.
A katandmick photo