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The News for Sunday October 11, 2015
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck after demanding that Logan Sobieck not spend his trust fund on a big party
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Logan Sobieck standing in front of and proud of his new home
ogan Sobieck is very close to being a proud home owner. Sobieck, 29 is attempting to purchase his girl friend's parents home. What's not known is where the parents are moving after the displacement. Sobieck's girl friend Ally, 30 has agreed to help with the payments making her a co-owner. As of yet no paper has been signed to cement the deal.
Sobieck agreed to search for a home after pressure from his mother to use the money from his trust fund for the purchase of a home. The trust fund, started with funds from a settlement after Sobieck was attacked by a neighbors dog, has been growing since the accident some 20 years ago. The money was inaccessible to him until his age reached 21 years, since then Sobieck has been contemplating his strategy regarding the funds.

Sobieck's mother Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck afraid for years that her youngest son would withdraw the money and have a big party, urged the boy to search for a suitable home for him and a future wife and possibly his brother Justin who also is without a suitable dwelling. Sobieck did not however let the accumulation of cash bother him but instead lived with his brother and cousin renting a country farm home. They lived in that house for a few years until the owners decided that one of their own relatives needed the home, thus the trio were ejected from the comfortable abode on Fernando Drive they grew to love. Both Sobieck boys wound up at their parents home on Florist Drive in Hobart while Alex Pickett drifted from one friends home to another.

The search began for a home in earnest this summer but no home in the couple's price range seemed acceptable to them and most required a lot of work to make the spaces livable. Finally after months of searching Ally's parents approached the couple with a proposition, which they accepted. The home being purchased is on Green Bay's far east side on Humbolt Road near an area known as Schmidt Park, or knob hill as locals refer to it. The location is ideal for me working at the Brown County Jail as refuge from inclement winter weather and a place to stay when the roads offer little hope of getting home.

As has been noted for the last 3 years we have been reporting about this time of year (usually earlier than this) that Ashley Hansen has been impregnated yet another time. This is not the case this year, Hansen is not expecting baby number 5 as we expected but instead announced recently that she will cease to have children allowing Mary Poquette to retain the record for having the most children. Hansen cited concerns from her last delivery in her decision where she lost a lot of blood and required a transfusion to stay alive. Michael Van Den Heuval the father of the children was not available for comment during the announcement.
A katandmick photo