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The News for Sunday October 25, 2015
Olivia wins the children's costume contest with a Selly costume and pumpkins carved  a plenty
The tee shirt jersey used for 15 years has served the players well but lacked frontal numbering
A katandmick photo
his year XPFL commissioner Brandon Pickett announced that the Turkey Bowl players were to have new jerseys. The present tee shirt jersey served well for the first 15 years of Turkey Bowl but this year they will be phased out in favor of a more professional looking jersey with frontal and back numbering.
For the past 5 years the Turkey Bowl has been having a 50/50 raffle which has largely paid for the new jerseys. Some of the money has been used for other expenses like a sound mixing board and speakers but most has been saved up for the replacement of the aging jerseys says XPFL commissioner Brandon Pickett. "These new jerseys will really be sweet" says Pickett and they will have a more professional football look according to Alex Pickett who helped pick out the new game attire, Pickett: "Everyone is going to look sharp in these new shirts". Meanwhile the existing shirts and the first ever league attire is expected to be saved and placed in the Turkey Bowl hall of fame yet to be built in the Sobieck back yard. Kevin is expected to build an addition on to his garden shed for the first ever TB Hall of Fame. Commissioner Brandon Pickett says admission will be free for the first year.

Other news from Turkey Bowl training camp has it that Justin Sobieck will not play this year due to his ever ailing body. Both Sobieck boys failed to play last year due to injuries but Logan Sobieck says he will be ready to do battle again this year. Logan's elder brother Justin however feels he is not ready to play just yet and says that maybe next year he will be ready to take the gridiron again against the Red Gobblers.

A katandmick photo
The first ever costume contest at Pumpkin Carving this year was a success as Ashley Hansen and Mike VanDenheuval's child Olivia won the contest hands down over the competition. The only other real contender was Bailey Prevost with a shark costume of which some of the adults with smaller frames tried on later after voting had finished. As usual there was plenty of delicious food on hand and but the chili did not move as in other years and great quantities remained after the party had finished.

As usual all the women who either are now Poquette's or have been were all over the legal limit for intoxication but no one was allowed to drive home as all those who were over the line were either escorted or stayed at the Seidl home for the long count. One of the celebrators who shall remain unnamed was unable to keep her feet under her and managed to loose her footing outside on the lawn. A crew of assistants managed to righter her and she with help from the others was able to put one foot in front of the other and get back in the house.