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The News for Sunday September 20, 2015
The 1964 Ford Falcon now owned by Kevin and Eileen (Trixie) Sobieck
Shelves constructed at Dave Poquette's plush Clarksville home
ver since Kevin Sobieck drove the Treml's Restored 1965 Ford Mustang he was hooked on owning an antique car. Sobieck a builder by trade can appreciate the labor that goes into restoring an antique car back to it's original glory when it had that "new car smell". That's why it didn't take long for him to decice to make the purchase of the 1964 Ford Falcon convertable now sitting in his garage.
Eileen (Trixie) Sobieck seems to enjoy the antique car ownership as well, when they drive around she proudly sits in the passenger seat glancing around at the scenery and enjoying the wind in her well combed brown dyed hair. Sobieck 58 is planning to restore the car even further upon his retirement from the construction trades in the next couple of years. The couple plan to retire in the Florida area and are planning a trip to Destin next winter to scope out a spot for their retirement home.

Jeremy and Brittany Rezek have sold their home located in the town of Eaton and are planning to move into the temporary quarters of a realtor. The Rezek's are friends with the realtor that sold their home and have struck a deal with them to live in a home they own until they can build a home of their own. The couple may even offer to do some or all of the work of remodeling the home just for the chance to rent it. The Rezeks have not divulged where they will be building or where they will purchase land.

According to Eileen (Trixie) Sobieck, Logan Sobieck and his female acquaintance are planning to purchase a home together. Sobieck plans to purchase the childhood home of his girlfriend along with her from her parents. The home does have restrictions on it according to Eileen (Trixie) Sobieck and they are not able to add on due to a limitation by the City of Green Bay because of neighboring property that the City owns. This restriction evidently meets the approval and does not interfere with the couple's plans to purchase the home.

New shelves were in store for Dave "Peter" Poquette after The "Kat" ordered them built after making the trip to Clarksville Tennessee Sunday last. The "Kat" dismayed over looking at Poquette's furry stuffed animals lined up on chairs, benches and miscellaneous other furniture ordered the shelves built to clean up the office/computer room occupying a spare bedroom in Poquette's spacious north side Clarksville home. The initial floating shelf design seen in a magazine by "The Kat" were unable to be built due to the unavailability of suitable straight lumber at the local Lowe's. A secondary bracket design concept that I came up with was pressed into service to support the hollow shelves already constructed the day before.

The two days prior to the shelf building were spent as guests of Dave Poquette and Betsy Glover on the Great Smokey Mountain Railroad as we spent 4 hours on a lunch train along with Joanne Poquette who joined us for two days. Travel to and from the train trip was hampered by a rock slide and a severe accident causing road closures of the two interstates serving the area,  both roads closed simultaneously. Our route was redirected through hilly curvy roads with sharp drop offs with speeds down to only 10 mph at times. The mountainous roads resulted in a very jerky roller coaster like ride the caused the Kat to become car sick at times whereby she rode holding her head and a barf bag at the same time. We arrived home Wednesday evening late after our car ride was extended by 3 hours because of closed roads and backtracking.
photo courtesy of Dave Poquette