Poquette-Seidl has been hosting the party for the past 13 years at her modest Greenleaf home located at 6788 Crippen Street. Since she had been known for hosting elaborate Halloween party's in the past at a previous residence, she decided to back off of the party atmosphere and gear down to the children's level with a pumpkin carving party every year. The party which is for the benefit of children is a boon for adults as well with a plethora of food and drink to please all pallets and thirsts. The Kat who was known for producing a pot of chili every year for the party now produces cookies kicking off the cutout cookie season for the year. Poquette-Seidl now does the chili and a pan of sloppy Joe as well. Every guest brings something making for a tantalizing assortment of food on the counter in the open concept kitchen of the Seidl home.

Last year was the first year that Eileen (Trixie) Sobieck's friend Ellie attended the party and the return of Sarah Poquette and Phoenix Daniels to Wisconsin only weeks before the carving event allowed them to enjoy the children's oriented event with their two children Ann and Jackie. All of those same people are expected to attend again this year and we are expecting the return of Joanne Poquette to the Northeastern Wisconsin area to attend the party this year as well.

If you're going, plan on bringing your own pumpkin for carving, a dish to pass at the food counter and anything special you want to drink. It's also a good idea to bring extra quarters to contribute to Kat's boob job fund, don't give them all to her though as it' s a good idea to save some for the bus for next years ride downtown to Octoberfest in Appleton. Mark your calendars for the party on October 24 beginning at 12 Noon.

This weekend is the first weekend that Kevin Sobieck got to drive his classic Ford Falcon any distance. Up to know it's been only short trips to town or a little tour around the neighborhood. But this weekend he and his wife Eileen (Trixie) picked up me and Jean Poquette-Seidl and we all rode with the top down in style in the falcon all the way to Appleton where we left the car at the park and ride and attended the Octoberfest celebration in downtown Appleton. Sobieck felt good about the car an it performed well with the engine running perfectly.

Next weekend Sobieck will take Saturday and Sunday off along with his spouse and the couple will drive the classic vehicle to Phelps Wisconsin 163 miles, where they will visit Kevin's parents at their north woods home. With only weeks left before the car is to be mothballed for the winter Sobieck hopes to get some miles in before it gets too cold to enjoy the vehicle.
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The News for Sunday September 27, 2015
Last year's pumpkin carving party hosted by Jean Poquette-Seidl had a record turnout
Saturday this car will be on it's way to Phelps Wisconsin
ean Poquette-Seidl is already planning for the pumpkin carving scheduled for October tenth. Seidl is planning a costume contest for the younger children while the older children carve the pumpkins after they are gutted.
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