Betsy Glover planning to work less and enjoy life more
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The News for Sunday April 17, 2016
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etsy Glover, mutually agreed upon life partner of David "Peter" Poquette retired from teaching athletics at the school system in Hopkinsville Kentucky three years ago. Since that time Glover has returned to her former employer and has helped out by their request in her former capacity, but it is to be scaled back soon.
According to Glover her return to the school system was to be a temporary measure just to get by until the proper people could return to work after illness, and new people could be trained in her former position. Since that time it has been one thing after another and Glover has worked continuously, but last week Glover put her foot down and said enough is enough. Glovers patience has worn thin and she says it is affecting her retirement and has put the school system on notice that she will put up with it no more. The decision was made after things came to a head while glover was planning a trip to see Dave's sisters and this writer in May. According to the schools understanding, Glover was not able to leave on the day chosen but instead had to wait to the following day to make the 270 mile trip to meet up with friends and family at Batesville Indiana (home office location of Batesville Casket Company). Glover bristled at the mentioning of the arrangement and after thinking about it became more rankled and demanded to set her own hours of employment as a condition she stay on at the school. The school realizing what an outstanding addition she was to the faculty accepted her terms and said they would not interfere with the plans.

Dave "Peter" Poquette winced at the new deal hammered out in the heat of disagreement and thought that Glover should have stuck to the original agreement which would have had her work the extra day only because that was what was previously agreed upon. Glover disagreed and said she is sticking to the new arrangement.
Betsy Glover stands on the steps of an EMD GP-35 Locomotive, a gutless wonder on display in Clarksville, Tennessee
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