Jeremy and Brittany Rezek pour footings on their new home
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The News for Sunday April 24, 2016
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A Katandmick photo
The Rezeks former home at 5171 Highway 29 in Poland
A Katandmick photo
t is now coming up on the 7 year anniversary since the Rezek's purchased their first home at 5171 Highway 29 in Poland, Wisconsin. Since that time the couple has gotten married and sold the love shack in Poland only to move in with relatives whilst planning to build a new home in the same area.
Brittany and Jeremy have always wanted to build a new home in the Town of Eaton area and work has finally begun on the new residence for the couple. Rezek a truck driver for a local construction firm made a promise to his sweetheart now wife, Brittany that he would fulfill her dream when the time was right. Saturday was the beginning of Brittany's dream come true as she received photos of the new footings being poured at the construction site of their new home. Jeremy Rezek was so excited he could hardly contain himself as he sent the photos to Brittany who received them on her wireless telephone while attending a meeting of "The Fat Club" here at the KAMR headquarters.
Brittany Rezek
The aforementioned home at 5171 Highway 29 was purchased during the housing crisis and the couple were lucky enough to take advantage of the stimulus money available to purchase homes for first time home buyers. As you may recall the bottom fell out of home sales as buyers defaulted on mortgages during the boon of homes sold in the early 2000's soon after the "Glass Steagle" laws were repealed by congress and the Clinton administration. This created a domino effect allowing wall street investors to purchase bundles of mortgages as investments thus prompting banks to lower their standards on lending money to home buyers. The result was the collapse of the housing industry due to numerous bad loans given out to fuel the tremendous appetite of wall street investors who stopped purchasing the bundled mortgages after getting some bad paper.
A scheduled meeting of "The Fat Club" was held at the KAMR headquarters this past Saturday and few showed up to partake in the meeting. Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck along with her daughter Brittany Rezek and Margaret "Peg"  Vanlanen were the only ones in attendance, and Vanlanen had to depart early due to a prearranged sewing spree held at her daughters house in Pulaski. Few regular "Fat Club" issues could be discussed or voted on due to the lack of a quorum, so the few in attendance mostly just gossiped about the other members who failed to show up. Small talk about plans for next years vacation trip to Florida added color and a bit of excitement to an otherwise ho hum meeting.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck