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The News for Sunday August 14, 2016
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Dick Poquette at a recent Christmas Eve party upset over the other Dick ignoring him
A Katandmick photo
ick Poquette has been in the auto repair business for the past 50 years however lately it seemed that he had just begun to break in to the field. Poquette had knee surgery last week and is recovering slowly. Meyered down in a plethora of drugs Poquette attempts to go about business as usual but mix ups and misunderstandings get in the way.
Poquette suffered for years with the common curse of the Poquette family, soft knees, so last week he something about it. Poquette had a knee replacement thus ending his years of anguish and pain, or so it would seem. In fact the pain has not gone away, the pain from the surgery that is. The pain is so intense that Poquette is on a cocktail of drugs for pain relief which leaves him dazed and confused. Unable to drive Poquette orders his son Rick to chauffeur him around back and fourth to work and on other errands. Even though he thinks he is contributing to the well being of the business in reality he stumbles around mumbling confusing the customers and employees even more than he usually does when he's not on drugs. Being on the drugs also hampers another facet of the shop whereby he is one of only two test drivers available to diagnose problems associated with vehicles dropped off for repair because of insurance reasons.

Poquette does not know when he will be off the pain relief drugs or when he will return to normal, or when the shop will get back to normal for that matter.

Dick Poquette