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The News for Sunday August 21, 2016
Proudly Reporting For 15 Years
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The Kat will again be driving the 17 or Brick Line in De Pere for the final part of the year

nce again it was time for drivers to pick their routes for the final part of the driving year at Green Bay Metro. Three times a year drivers are allowed to pick their daily route from the list a available routes beginning with the driver with the most seniority. Kat was able to pick the route she wanted from what was left.
Having worked at Green Bay Metro for only two and one half years The Kat is by no means near the top of the seniority list, but she's not at the bottom of the list either. By the time the list makes it down to her level it is pretty well picked over, that is for the people who have requirements that the Kat doesn't care for. Kat likes the 17 bus because it's not a hectic route, not that it doesn't have people on or that it doesn't have transfers, but because by the way it's laid out it has enough time to make the connections and keep on time. She also likes the fact that it's and afternoon-evening route and has Friday off. Most people don't like the fact that if gives you a split shift on Saturday, but the Kat doesn't mind it because it gives her a chance to have lunch with her wonderful husband, and the Friday's off gives her a chance to hob knob with her former co-workers from Lamer's Bus Lines know as "The Fancy Ladies".
Kat Pickett
It was confirmed this week that the Kat will be driving the Brick Line again this fall/winter, or at least until January when a new pick comes into play. This is the only route The Kat has had since becoming a regular driver migrating from the extra board where drivers are assigned routes sometimes with only minutes notice. The extra board is a humbling experience where drivers may not know what routes they may be driving the next day or how long they may be required to work. Some days drivers spend all day and night at Metro.