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The News for Sunday February 7, 2016
Proudly Reporting For 15 Years
A lone car follows the tracks as the evening commute is made a little harder by the newly fallen snow
Curly Lanbeau points to a spot on the sidewalk that shovelers missed and needs cleaning during the Tuesday snowfall
ince there is no real news this week we will report on stuff that was almost news. This past week saw a normal winter weather event with a few inches of snow falling one afternoon and starting up again the next day for a couple of hours. All told the squall may have left 5" of new snow coating the landscape in Northeastern Wisconsin's Green Bay area.
This is not what we were told however up to two weeks before the weather event happened. While keeping an eye on N.O.A.A. who's conservative forecasts held off until the very end before predicting Armageddon, we heard nothing but doom and gloom from all the television stations and local radio. "This is gonna be the big one" was touted by everyone and anyone who claimed to be any kind of authority on weather at all at any broadcast outlets in the Green Bay and Fox Valley areas. We were told that there was to be "white out conditions, the storm would last the night, pack extra water and food and blankets in your car if you must travel, there would be thunder with the snow, travel would be impossible.

Nothing could have been further from the truth, while snow did fall at a rapid rate after 1 PM it subsided by 3 PM and road crews were out the whole time. Roads which were messy were completely passable and I never saw one single car stuck or in the ditch. There was no thunder and the high winds forecast for the afternoon which were to cause white out conditions and considerable blowing and drifting lasted from 4 to 5 PM and were more like moderate not high and caused no white outs or drifting due to the high moisture content of the snow.

Schools were called off for Tuesday on Monday due to the dire forecasts put out, however the snow never started until 1 PM and was for the most part over when school would have been done. Kids could have attended at least a half day which would have satisfied all the demands to count for a day of school. Instead of that parents were left with the dilemma of looking for daycare for their offspring or stay home themselves to take care of them. I suspect teachers wanted the day off more than the children which is what we can expect from most government employees.