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The News for Sunday February 21, 2016
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Jeremy and B-Rez pose for a Star Wars photo at Time Warner Cable Field at the Fox Cities Stadium used by the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
B-Rez poses for a photo after Bono, lead singer for U2 spotted her in the crowd at Octoberfest and demanded a photo
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
rittany and Jeremy Rezek are now committed to their home building plans. Brittany or "B-Rez" as she is known to her friends and family, released information today that she has already chosen a general contractor and is proceeding with the plans to start building as soon as possible. B-Rez who announced the plan herself bypassed the new popular method of  notifying friends and family first employed by Stephonia Prevost who favors hiring a publicist to release her plans in small doses.
B-Rez and Jeremy are planning to build a spacious 3000+ square foot home on property they already own in an unknown location to be announced later. They are planning to have the home framed up by a contractor and do the inside finishing themselves with the help of the father of B-Rez, Kevin Sobieck. Sobieck a supervisor at Howard Immel Construction Company is well experienced at home building and has helped build several homes for his parents and siblings as well as building his own home 26 years ago. It is thought that the mechanicals will be done by contractors and her uncle is a cabinet builder thus rounding out the trades needed to complete the structure. 
B-Rez says that they do not plan to completely finish certain rooms as they are not even sure what the rooms would be used for yet and besides with just her and Jeremy they won't even need the entire 3000 square feet + to live in the home anyway so some of the rooms would be temporarily closed to the public. The new home is expected to take about 8 months to complete after digging for the foundation begins and it is unknown when frost in the ground would be gone enough to allowing the digging to start.

The Rezeks are currently living with another Rezek family near Denmark and are growing tired of not having a place they can call their own. B-Rez a part time physical therapist for Aurora Hospital recently changed jobs making her income somewhat unpredictable while her husband Jeremy recently who also changed jobs is pleased with his position and pay and is now providing the anchor for the family with steady income and predictable hours.