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The News for Sunday February 28, 2016
Proudly Reporting For 15 Years
Jessie Poquette shows off her profile as Jean Poquette-Seidl looks on during Sundays baby shower
Jessie Poquette receives an award from her employer  for manager of the year
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abies were the talk of the day as Jean Poquette-Seidl hosted a baby shower for her daughter Jessie. Not only is Jessie about to welcome a new human being into the world but her cousin Mary has had a baby this past Tuesday as reported by Mike Poquette who is now a grandfather.
Poquette's baby shower was at the Hobart Town Hall on the corner of Pine Tree Road and Florist Drive, just a quarter mile from the original Poquette homestead now the home of Dick and Cleen Poquette and also the infamous Poquette Field. The town hall was brimming with people as about 100 guests showed up to shower Jessie and her soon to be born child with gifts and baby supplies. A small lunch was served and the guests were entertained with games and amusing chatter as the afternoon wore on. The anticipated appearance of a magician or clown, the customary entertainment at most baby showers failed to materialize however disappointing some, but that was quickly forgotten when the food was brought out.

Poquette is expected to deliver a boy baby and is planning to name it Charlie somewhere around March 21. Since this is her first child and has had no experience with childbirth she sought the advise of her younger sister Ashley Hansen who has had 4 children who advised her to have the baby at home and employ the services of of a midwife. This aged practice is often overlooked in favor of the more popular hospital childbirth setting but Hansen suggests that the hospital method is often expensive and unnecessary and a home childbirth is just a good. Jean Poquette-Seidl is yet undecided as to whether she will participate in the childbirth should Poquette decide to have it at home.
This week Mike Poquette phoned up his brother Dave to tell him that he is now a grandfather. Dave thought he heard Mike say that the baby was born on Tuesday but the younger Poquette was calling on a cell phone an unreliable form of communication and experiencing signal break up as so often happens with these devices. He did report in a clear voice that his daughter Mary had a baby girl and she has named it Edie Dave thinks, again the phone was failing as Michael was trying to communicate the name to the elder Poquette. Michael said the baby was born at about 2 AM in Green Bay.
Mary Poquette