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The News for Sunday January 10, 2016
Proudly Reporting For 15 Years
A katandmick photo
fter years of "weight loss trial and error" a "Fat Club" member may have struck pay dirt when it comes to dieting. Eileen Sobieck tried for years to find the right combination of diet and exercise to shed pounds sensibly but after struggling for decades she nearly gave up until stumbling on to this "miracle revelation" as described by her.
During a regularly scheduled fat club meeting on Saturday Sobieck introduced her new weight loss device to other members of the group saying that the idea has worked wonders for her. Pictured above Sobieck sits with a plate of fries and chicken breast but was only able to get about a hundred calories from the meal she explains as most of the food never finds it's way to the mouth. While the device seems cumbersome in some respects says Sobieck you can get used to it in a modest amount of time and learn to deal with the problems associated with wearing the cone.  She explained: "For example, a lot of food ends up around your neck trapped inside the cone and becomes a nuisance after it rots a bit and starts to smell. What I usually do is run out on the lawn and do a summersault and it fly's out due to centrifugal force. That's just one of the little tricks you learn after wearing the cone. After that a little sprits with the garden hose and you're as fresh as a daisy."

Other members of the FC seemed taken back at first by the device, but after seeing the results had to agree that it probably was worthy of a try. Some collected information from Sobieck on where to obtain their own cone.

Alex Pickett youngest son of this writer and The Kat proposed to his soul mate Megan Barden on New Year's Eve at T&C's bar and grill. Pickett decided to cover the planned proposal with a New Years Eve party and the unsuspecting Barden had no idea what was about to happen when the couple took the microphone and thanked everyone for coming to their party. Numerous relatives and friends were on hand to witness the occasion and some took photos and video of the event as it unfolded.

No word from the couple as of yet as to when or where the big day will be.
As seen in this photo Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck attributes her weight loss to the cone
A katandmick photo