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The News for Sunday January 24, 2016
Proudly Reporting For 15 Years
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck has dinner with friends and family before the Vic Ferrari concert
aleidoscope may have more then they bargained for this year when serving those about to attend the Vic Ferrari Symphony On The Rocks concert this year at the Meyer Theater on March 4, when friends and family of Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck walk in demanding dinner before the show. Sobieck plans to bring 27 people into the restaurant unannounced demanding food and in and out service of no more then one hour.
Aaron Zinsmeister who arranges the songs for "Symphony on the Rocks"
Sobieck who enjoys the fine cuisine at Kaleidoscope as well as the cover bands styling's of famous rock tunes has convinced 18 of her friends to attend the gala along with the other 7 people from her family that usually attend the concert. Sobieck's daughter, daughters friend, two sisters and husband and friend along with this reporter are also attending the event on that Friday night as well, bringing the grand total to 27.

Tickets were purchased this past week and many of the theaters seats were already bought up with tickets being on the market for the Green Bay performance less than a week. Ticket sales are going surprisingly well even though prices for the tickets rose sharply this year to $45.00 each. No explanation was offered for the increase and most likely the theater will be sold out again as has been since the show began over ten years ago.

Vic Ferrari Symphony On The Rocks is a show put together by the band in co-operation with musicians throughout the fox valley if not the entire state. The music is arraigned by the bands keyboard player Aaron Zinsmeister who opens the show with one of his own compositions. The 3 hour show is chuck full of classic rock songs considered to be staples of the rock genera. Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the bands songs that is performed every year with out fail. It's pretty safe to say most peoples favorite rock composition is performed somewhere in the show, and as if that weren't enough there is usually a guest band that performs after the symphony's one break half way through the show. For the past two years one of the violin players sons (names unknown) perform early music from The Beatles. The band takes this show on the road starting at Waverly Beach in Menasha and visiting the cities of Green Bay, Richland Center, Wausau, and Manitowoc.
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