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The News for Sunday January 31, 2016
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Dave Poquette and Betsy Glover sit on the stairs to their deck after Dave shoveled a path to sit on
A katandmick photo
freak winter snow storm in Clarksville Tennessee left people stranded in their homes for most of the weekend last week as snow and ice pounded the country's mid section. Residents of western Tennessee suffered cabin fever as they were urged by local authorities not to venture out. Dave Poquette and Betsy Glover also were stranded and remained inside.
Moving to the south is usually a safe bet if you want to escape natures wrath concerning snow and ice. Such was not the case however for David "Peter" Poquette and Betsy Glover who were not enthused as many of the natives to the area were when ice began to form on the roads followed by 8 inches of snow. Not caught by surprise Poquette and Glover wanted for nothing however they admitted that they were running low on milk and bread when Monday rolled around after being holed up since the Friday before. Poquette who had sold his reliable Ariens snow blower before leaving Wisconsin worked tirelessly clearing snow and ice from the driveway and stairs of his deck with a shovel before venturing out on Monday. Poquette said that Glovers car which remained outside in the driveway was covered in ice and snow and had to be thawed out before it could be put back in service. Poquette's truck remained inside and was unaffected by the storm and therefore became the couple's primary form of transportation.

Poquette and Glover decided to remain inside after hearing reports of multiple accidents and people in the ditch. Poquette: "I'm not afraid of driving in snow, I'm more afraid of all these other idiots who don't know how to drive in snow running into me." Poquette commented that he was thankful of his retirement in this situation whereby he can remain cozy inside instead of fighting traffic in winter weather. He went on to say that he no doubt would have been sent up to the east coast where the snowfall was even heavier and traffic worse.

Schools in the area had closed even before the snow had begun and had remained closed throughout the storm and after due to poor road conditions. All told the schools and some business had to close for a week. Southern states such as Tennessee and Kentucky have no road equipment for snow removal and usually wait for warmer weather to melt the snow and ice before opening schools and places of business.  Poquette states that such weather events are rare but happen every year or two.
Poquette and Glover sit in front of their home after the blizzard while men remove snow from the roof
A katandmick photo