KAMR readers and friends of the Axis of Evil enjoy the game on a previous outing
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The News for Sunday July 3, 2016
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Saturday July 23, 2016 6:35 PM
Tickets $10:50 Box Seat
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Deadline to reserve and purchase tickets is July 5, 2016
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ime is running out for you to secure a ticket for the annual KAMR Axis of Evil Timber Rattler Outing. Although ticket sales have been flat this year, last weeks ticket order by Judy Treml was able to secure the needed sales to get discounts on box seats. Although Treml ordered 9 tickets we fell short of the 20 needed to get the discount rate, Treml agreed to purchase the remaining ticket to secure the discount.
Other contributing factors to the boost in sales was the commitment by "The Kat" to attend the game with her grandchildren Max and Cole. The Kat who bowed out last year due to a work commitment said that this year someone owes her an afternoon of work which she will use that day. Those attending this year will be of the younger types with most under 20 years old due to the group that Judy Treml is bringing. No interest was expressed this year by regular attendees Alex and Brandon Pickett who were staples in the past.

Another large participant in the outing has bowed out due to construction commitments. Brittany and Jeremy Rezek are building a home and the father of B-Rez Kevin Sobieck has agreed to help on the construction donating oodles of his time to the project leaving little time for other things such as entertainment. This of course leaves the whole Sobieck clan out of the mix which accounts for a large number of tickets. Jean Poquette-Seidl must have also agreed to work on the home as she also did not sign up for the game. So it looks like just the 20 will be attending this year which may indicate the end is near for the event due to lack of interest. Ticket sales for this year end Tuesday July 5, 2016.

John Poquette has received his yearly allotment of ground bologna thanks to the hard work and generosity of the Kat. Poquette who was hooked on the sandwich spread a few years ago when visiting his native Wisconsin has been returning every year since for the home made delicacy. After receiving several puzzling messages on the answering machine from him stating he would stop by for "his bag" I quizzed "The Kat" as to what bag could he be looking for, as he had never before stayed here or brought an overnight bag or suit case. "The Kat" knew right away what he spoke of and in a loud (overbearing) voice shouted "COW BAG, that's what he wants", the slang term used around Oneida for ground bologna.

When Poquette picked up the spread he mentioned that he is an asbestos removal contractor and he was looking at a home on Oregon Street in Green Bay. He gave no clue however as to weather he was starting a new career and purchasing a home in the fox valley, or none of the above.

The Kat and I will be moving to Green Bay possibly by next weekend. We are planning to close on a home on 321 N. Greenwood St. in the coming months and will be renting the upstairs apartment from the current owners. It is our intention to remodel the lower apartment while living in the upper and renting the upper upon completion. It is unknown if next weeks Newsletter will be delayed due to the move. It is unclear when we will have Internet service in the new home. More on this as it develops.

Keep voting on when the golf outing should be polls will not close for a long time yet. So far August 20th has it with 2 votes.
Not sure what is gong on here, but Brittany and Trixie are getting down and becoming one with the ball