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The News for Sunday July 31, 2016
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gesture with his phone apparently stunning the creature in the bushes. He graciously informed the Kat that he had captured the creature and that the Kat had nothing to worry about. The Kat then went about her business preparing to leave for work.

Moving into the city has educated me in several areas this far. I was unaware of the large Pok'eman population in Green Bay and the difficultly in controlling the rodents whereby common city residents are encouraged to stun the beasts upon discovery. I thought that these were rabbits all the time and was unaware of the creatures, or that they were a nuisance.

I also discovered while riding my bicycle that even though Bertrands Sporting Goods has closed down over a year ago, the merchandise still remains in the store. Displays are still set up and the windows still unblocked so all can see.
A Pok'eman had hidden in the bushes in front ot the KAMR Center
Pok'eman was spotted under the bushes in the front of the KAMR Center this past week and was quickly brought into control by a passerby with a larger flat cell phone. The creature apparently was hiding in the bushes in the front of the Center hidden from view when the passerby detected it with his phone. The Kat coming down stairs attempting to leave for work spotted the man on the sidewalk who looked curiously confused at first but then made a