Peg and Dan Vanlanen return home to comfort Bell the dag after8 day trip to Texas
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The News for Sunday June 5, 2016
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Lee Vanlanen was visited this past week by Peg and Dan in Texas this past week
Saturday July 23, 2016 6:35 PM
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t was a week ago on Thursday the Dan Vanlanen arrived at about 7 PM with Bell the dag and all her paraphernalia in preparation to stay the week at the KAMR headquarters until they returned. Vanlanen arrived early with the animal so that the dag could get accustomed to her new temporary home.
Vanlanen and his wife Peg were planning to make the trip to Texas to visit their son Lee along with their grandchildren Meghan and Devon, but the length of time chosen was too long for their dag Bell to be alone. Arrangements were made to house the dag here at the KAMR headquarters long before the couple left for the Lone Star State. When Vanlanen arrived with the animal he went over all of her necessities and procedures before leaving, he also said that he needed to let Bell get accustomed to me and the house before leaving. Vanlanen: "It's not fair to you or Bell to just dump her off here without a little period of getting use to things." Vanlanen hung around about 45 minutes while explaining the dogs schedule and routine along with a few anecdotes that were mildly amusing about Bell's behavior. While Vanlanen was explaining the finer points of caring for Bell and how to appease her should she become overcome with anxiety because of her new surroundings and his eventual departure the dag waddled into her cage and went to sleep. After noticing the dag had left our company to spend the night in her cell Vanlanen decided it was safe for him to go.

Dan Vanlanen called the KAMR headquarters at about 2:45 PM Saturday so I could let Bell know that he was only hours away, and she should prepare for her homecoming for he was going to pick her up as soon as he got home. The Vanlanens returned home Saturday evening at about 7 PM and Dan was able to pick up Bell and all of her paraphernalia. Although it seemed that the dag was glad to see him, I now think she saw him as more of a rescuer and a means of transportation after suffering the terror of the vacuum cleaner. Now that I think about it the only time I saw her run was to escape from the room that was being vacuumed as I progressively went from room to room with the vacuum cleaning the floors.
Katandmick File photo