Demolition of the burnt fencing had begun one day after the tragic fire
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The News for Sunday June 26, 2016
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Only ashes remain after the bottom of the vinyl fence next to the Poquette's burning barrel caught fire
Saturday July 23, 2016 6:35 PM
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ire has once again reared it's ugly head at the Poquette Homestead burning down a fence. In 1975 tragedy was averted when a fire in the upstairs of the Earl and Mary Poquette home erupted after children playing with matches started the upstairs on fire, however alert occupants doused the flames before any damage was caused. The offending children were punished.
Dick and Cleen Poquette had enjoyed a leisurely motorcycle ride from their comfortable Village of Hobart home to the modest newly purchased home of Logan Sobieck and his partner Ali (last name unknown) on Green Bay's far east side. The couple had just had a drink and were enjoying some sparkling conversation with other guests while waiting for dinner when Cleen got the call that fate had taken the life of their vinyl fence in their back yard. Cleen immediately asked Dick if he had lit the burning barrel to which he replied "no". According to Sarah Poquette no one had ignited anything in the burning barrel, however fire was evident in the container as the fence burnt out of control according to the aforementioned daughter Sarah. She managed to douse the flames with the aid of a 3/4" garden hose situated near the main structure nearer to Florist Drive.

The cause of the fire to the fence is thought to be the burning barrel but how the barrel started is a mystery according to Sarah Poquette who asked her brother Rick if he had started the fire in the barrel. The elder of the siblings insisted he did not start the fire leaving the cause undetermined, this is not to say that spontaneous combustion or lightning were not the cause of the fire in the barrel. Damage to the fence is estimated at $250. The Poquettes did not wish to comment  at this time as to whether they would rebuild the fence.

Ticket sales for this year's KAMR and Axis of Evil Timber Rattler outing remain flat with only 7 Tickets sold falling far short of the necessary 20 tickets needed to attain special pricing for the group rate. With only a little over one week left to reserve tickets it's looking like this years outing may have to be canceled due to lack of interest. According to Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck people are just too busy this year to go.

Now that summer has officially begun, it's time to plan the annual Poquette Family Golf Outing. The event will again be held at Mid Vallee Golf Course, and Alex Pickett the planner of the event says several weekends are possible for this years event. Sticking with the usual Saturday afternoon venue the dates work out to the following  August 6,13,20, or 27. You can vote below for the date you prefer.
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