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The News for Sunday March 6, 2016
Proudly Reporting For 15 Years
A view down the aisle as Vic Ferrari performs along with the symphoni at the beautiful Meyer Theater
Guitarist Russ Riser gets a photo with Jean Poquette-Seidl after reconizing her in the audience from photos in The Newsletter
A Judy Treml photo
ic Ferrari was in perfect form Friday night as the band once again performed with the Symphony at the Meyer Theater on Washington Street in Green Bay. Many comments heard after the performance in the aisles and vestibule of the theater were positive in nature as the concert was heavily attended by the usual people as well as newbies. There was the usual staple songs as well as many new selections to entertain all.
As mentioned most of our usual group attended with the exception of James Seidl who had to work Saturday very early in the morning, Jean Poquette-Seidl did attend however with her granddaughter
Jorydan VanDenheuval. One notable change was the addition of about 15 more people as many of the staff from Syble Hopp School agreed to attend on the recommendation of Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck. Sobieck graciously purchased the tickets for the group and was reimbursed at her work place after distributing them to those who requested. Many from the school had found the show entertaining and some were over the top with praise for the band and their show. Those who found the show to be their best concert experience will no doubt be back while those who were merely casually entertained may opt out next year. Sobieck and her daughter B-Rez along with Shelly Skenadore all moved to the stage area at about 2/3 rd's. through the show when the rain down in Africa was blessed.
The name of the Band "Vic Ferrari" is often misinterpreted as by those not familiar with it's namesake from a 1070's television comedy show. Many people think it is named after the band's spokesman Mike Bailey, but in reality this band was formed in the same era as the television show "Taxi" and named after one of the characters played by the late comedian/actor Andy Kaufman. Kaufman played the beloved taxi mechanic "Latka Gravis" complete with an accent from his native country of which no one ever heard of. Latka apparently a victim of multiple personality disorder could turn on a dime into alter ego Vic Ferrari, the complete opposite of Latka with a big ego and plenty of insults to throw around, along with flashy clothes and the ability to speak perfect English. The character Vic Ferrari was not a lovable person like Latka but was despised by all the other characters in the show which leaves one wondering why his name was chosen for this great band.

Mike Bailey mentioned during the show that next years event at the Meyer will return to Saturday night as this years's unusual appearance on a Friday Night was eclipsed by the appearance of Paul Riser doing his comedy act on Saturday Night this year. Bailey quipped: "you came one night earlier and saw Russ Riser."
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
A Judy Treml photo