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The News for Sunday March 13, 2016
Proudly Reporting For 15 Years
Megan Barden proudly displays her diamond ring afterAlex Pickett proposes at the New Years Eve party at T&C's pub De Pere
Megan Barden and Alex Pickett pose for publicity photos at a recent gathering
A Katandmick  file photo
A Katandmick  file photo
hile the proposal took place back on the last day of last year the date had not been set until this weekend. Megan Barden and Alex Pickett finalized the plans for their nuptials and announced the date of September 2 2017 as their wedding day. Barden an electrical design engineer agreed to marry Pickett after a meticulously planned proposal at T&C's Pub on New Years Eve.
Pickett had thoughtfully planned out the proposal and rehearsed it for weeks before the big night but admittedly when the pressure was on he caved and was barely able to eek out the necessary words to adequately describe his wishes. The unsuspecting Barden covered her face when Pickett dropped to one knee and began his spiel only to be so overwhelmed that she didn't give an answer for a few long seconds after the question was asked. Only after some prompting from onlookers did Barden remember that she had to answer, of which we know now she did in a positive manor.

Pickett and Barden had dated previous to this but it seemed to be a casual relationship, for about the last year the two have been hitting it off pretty well. Both work part time at T&C's Pub and Grill and had attended high school together at West De Pere, Pickett now in sales at Imperial fasteners was ahead of Barden by two years in school. Both are saving money to buy a house and are currently living in De Pere.

The facilities chosen for the ceremony and reception have not yet been chosen however Barden voiced approval of using the National Railroad Museum as the site of the ceremony some time earlier. The couple have not yet released the details of the wedding or the names of those standing up for the ceremony.