Luckily Katandmick cameras were on the scene to capture Ali Barrette scooped up by a surf and turf shark while walking on the beach
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The News for Sunday March 20, 2016
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Logan Sobieck pushing the shark's mouth wide open to break it's jaw hinges
A Katandmick  photo
A Katandmick photo
ogan Sobieck and Ali Barrette were leisurely walking on the beach in Florida when Barrette felt a little tap on her shoulder, casually turning around her mood went from complete bliss to utter terror when she looked into the mouth of a new species of shark that had come upon land looking for it's usual prey of pretty young single women.
In the late 1970's a menace of the east coast was eradicated by casting captured specimens out to sea. It was thought that the freak of nature known as the land shark was destroyed because the species was unable to adapt to sea, but no studies were ever done to ensure the beast was completely extinct. After years of migration the evolutionary process has brought us a new species known as the surf and turf shark. Still seeking single pretty and young women they have become the scourge of Florida as Ali Barrette found out this past week. After Barrette was attacked by one of the monsters and dragged into the ocean, Logan Sobieck was pressed into action to save her from certain death at the hands of the surf and turf shark.

Sobieck who is deathly afraid of sharks rose to the occasion to save Barrette from certain extinction herself after riding out into sea in the sharks mouth. Sobieck felt that he had a certain advantage over the shark after seeing footage from a television show in the 70's showing examples of The Land Shark cleverly tricking it's prey only to be devoured by the grotesque fish. Sobieck jumped into the sharks mouth prying it open until the hinges in it's jaws broke rendering the animal harmless. Without the powerful jaws available as it's deathly weapon it swam off to find a place where it could mend it's broken jaws.  Barrette, happy to be alive offered to buy Sobieck a beer for his trouble.

Alex Pickett and Megan Barden planning a wedding for September 2 2017 as mentioned last week have booked The National Railroad Museum as the venue for their wedding. The couple will be married standing in the shadows of such great locomotives as the Union Pacific 4017, a locomotive given the name "Big Boy" by the men who constructed her, this ALCO 4-8-8-4 was the largest steam locomotive ever built. Also on display nearby is the Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1. This locomotive with it's car body designed by famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy, was popular on the Pennsylvania Rail Road where the line was electrified.