Dave Poquette with Betsy Glover at an earlier time
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The News for Sunday May 22, 2016
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Aimee Richey
Katandmick File photo
While visiting Batesville Kat ate at the local Big Boy restaurant
ust two weeks ago Dave Poquette and Betsy Glover returned from Las Vegas yet no substancial reason was given for the couples 2, 000 mile trek to the western United States. Poquette said that Glover had never seen the western states yet we wondered why Las Veges? We think we have the answer.
It is a known fact the neither of the two enjoy plugging their hard earned dollars into machines at the casinos nor do they relish the involvement in a game of chance such as Black Jack. But while visiting Poquette's brother John is viable reason, seldom has the retired truck driver expressed the urge to drop everything and visit because of  his deep brotherly love for him. No, the KAMR thinks there's a different
reason. Marriage, yes that's right we think there was a secret wedding. Not is it only well known that Poquette doesn't care to gamble but that he also believes in the institution of marriage. While it's true that he has enjoyed several marriages over the years it is also known that being with a women without being married is unsettling to him and he believes in doing the right thing. I asked Kat if she spotted any new rings on Betsy's fingers and she said there was a very sparkly new looking ring on one finger but Glover never spoke of the new looking piece of jewelry. This writer and the Kat visited Joanne Poquette in Batesville Indiana these past four days and asked Poquette and Glover to meet us there of which the obliged. The 5 of us spent a nice 4 days visiting and had dinner at the Richey's beautiful home on Saturday night. The three women went antique shopping on Friday and of course they all brought home their treasures, some more than others.
While meeting with the aforementioned members of the Poquette clan the subject was brought up of attending Crystal's wedding. Of course we don't know who will and won't be invited just yet but in the
likelihood that we are given the green light to get invitations Poquette and Glover have consented to attend with us and hotel reservations have been made in anticipation of such an occurrence. A chance meeting of Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck in Wal-Mart this past week also revealed an interest sparked in attending however she could not speak for her niece and friend Stephonia Prevost as to whether she would attend. She was also unsure of her husband Kevin's attendance and guessed he would not be able to make it. She was unsure as to whether her and Prevost would drive there again or perhaps they may fly. Joanne Poquette and Aimee Richey also expressed some interest and Aimee suggested they take a road trip there for the wedding as well provided they are invited of course. Richey also thought that she would be attending without her spouse as well, all the more reason she should attend with her mother. 
Stephonia Prevost
While in Batesville Kat and I were treated to Big Boys at the Local Big Boy hamburger shop in Greensburg Indiana. The restaurant was clean even though it was somewhat old however everyone agreed that the restaurants signature sandwich "The Big Boy" was not how we all remembered it. Everyone agreed that the sauce was different, a key ingredient in the success of the Big Boy. While Kat looked forward to eating there every day we only made the initial visit and canceled the rest after her brief disappointment.